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Why Is Duncan Robinson Starting On The Bench? What Happened to Him?

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Duncan Robinson

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Duncan Robinson who happens to be one of the best players in the NBA, his start at the bench is worrying everyone. Well, the latest season has certainly made everything to go in a different direction for Duncan. Probably that’s what makes NBA fans think about what could be the possible reasons for Duncan not performing his best.

Read ahead to know more about Duncan Robinson and his performance lately.

Duncan Robinson fans want to know why he is not playing enough

While if everyone has watched Duncan’s game this year. They would have surely seen Duncan playing only for 1 minute for Miami Heat against the Sixers. His Atalanta Hawks game had Duncan play for 23 minutes. Probably his performance lately hasn’t been efficient to stop rotation in the game to cover up.

Duncan Robinson
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Instead, lately, Max Strus has taken the place and lead the team to a better position with his performance. As such that didn’t stop the fans of the Miami Heat to know why is Duncan getting side-lined. They are even trying to figure out the reason that is making him be on the bench now.


Head coach Erik Spoelstra on Duncan Robinson’s performance

With Duncan not visible in the series playing enough long games as fans are expecting. The head coach Erik Spoelstra said that Duncan’s performance can change next time. Calling him stable enough, Erik said that Duncan can change a quarter or a game next time.


On May 6th, Game 3 showed the Miami Heat lead by 2-0. While the team is exceptional in its game. The highlight is Duncan Robinson who is not giving a worthy to watch the game on his part. However, fans are certainly hoping to see something good coming from him.

Possible reason why Duncan Robinson is not giving his best

Though in the past Duncan has had amazing performances for Miami Heat. However, for quite some time he seems to be going offbeat. While Game 2 lately showed Duncan play for just 1 minute. There he did get a solitary rebound. Meanwhile, Game 1 had Duncan drop about 27 points with the Hawks.

Not to forget though, Duncan was out of Miami Heat after he contracted the COVID-19 virus. His replacement as such came with Max Strus who played an amazing game. To which even Erik said that it won’t be easy to adjust back Duncan when he comes back.


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