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Jake Paul’s company mocks KSI’s plan to finally fight long-time rival

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ksi and jake paul

YouTuber KSI wants to fight with his long-time rival Jake Paul in the boxing ring and the latter’s company is mocking it. Well, while everyone knows about the equation of Jake Paul and KSI. There’s still a desire for KSI to come back to the ring to face Jake Paul. But is it really going to happen and why is his company mocking that?

Read ahead to know more about Jake Paul and KSI, with the latter wishing to fight with Jake.

KSI is willing to fight Jake Paul at some point

Recently the popular YouTuber KSI on his live stream on YouTube expressed his desire to fight with Jake Paul. While KSI after a win over Logan Paul in 2019 has been missing from the battle ring. There’s him planning his fights once again. Yes, KSI has also stated about his coming fights.


To be specific, the popular YouTuber himself said that he has about two to three fights under his belt. After which he is expecting to have around with Jake Paul. Meanwhile, the company of Jake has already taken a dig at the British YouTuber’s desire to fight Jake.

ksi and jake paul
YouTube: DAZN

KSI to return back to the boxing ring this year

So far both Logan Paul and Jake Paul have had a good name and fame in the boxing world. But yes, no one can either forget the potential of KSI. Though despite being missing from the ring for quite some time. There’s some of the matches on his part coming up soon to show how good he is at his skills.

Further, as per the latest reports, the date for the comeback of YouTuber in the boxing ring is of 27th August. However, his opponents have not been announced. Except we know that we might get to see sometime Jake Paul fighting with KSI in the same ring against each other. Yet we need Jake to confirm that first.


Jake Paul’s company mocked the desire of KSI to fight with Jake Paul

On getting to know that KSI is willing to have a fight with Jake Paul. The promotion brand of Jake mocked the YouTuber’s idea. In fact they gave a post on Instagram that “Goals have to be admired”. The emoji with that was of a clapping hand. However, fans of boxing are certainly thinking when that would happen.

Meanwhile, there’s still some months left for the British YouTuber to return back for his slated fights.


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