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How does TikTok Pulse work? Who is eligible to use the TikTok Pulse program?

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TikTok Pulse

TikTok is coming up with a new program for its users called the TikTok Pulse. While users of the Tiktok have been enjoying the platform a lot. The viral content on the platform just owes its popularity to its huge fan base of it. But guess what? The platform is lately in news for its program. But what is this Tiktok Pulse all about?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok Pulse and its features and usage.

What is the TikTok Pulse program?

Well, while various social media platforms are trying to find one or the other way to monetize the content. We now have TikTok too to get a step ahead. As such the latest program, the short video platform is working on is the TikTok Pulse program.

Certainly, it’s a monetizing program for the content available on TikTok. But yes, there’s something different too. While the ads on TikTok is at present limited. We might see that grow with this new Pulse program. As it will now enhance the monetization of the content on Tiktok.

How will the TikTok Pulse program help?

To be brief and precise about this new program of TikTok. It will let the advertisers earn through their ads in the top 4% posts of TikTok. While the For You Feed of TikTok shows some 12 categories of posts on the platform. Users would be earning through the ads played on it.

With 12 categories on TikTok, the advertisers would be playing the ads of products and services relevant enough with the top 4% posts of TikTok. Hence, the platform is now trying to monetize more out of the content that’s available to the users For You Page.

Who is eligible to use the TikTok Pulse program?

Well, if you are a TikTok content creator and you want to join this TikTok Pulse program. Then here’s what’s the eligibility criteria to get registered for the program to monetize the content. The revenue earned through this program would be shared with creators, public figures, etc.

However, the eligibility criteria to avail of this one must have at least 100k followers on their TikTok account. As such the users meeting the criteria would be ready to get rewards of revenue with this new program. Yet, the launch of this program initially would happen in the United States in June. While the revenue cut going to creators would be 50%.


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