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Why Is Embiid Wearing A Mask? Is Joel Embiid Being Given The Mvp Award Tonight?

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Joel Embiid

Several online reports predicted that Joel Embiid would be named MVP during Game 3 against the Heat tonight. Let’s put the rumors to rest.

According to many, Joel Embiid is the MVP favorite this season. Some, though, believe Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo are deserving of the award.

Despite having many injuries, Embiid is expected to play in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals tonight.

On social media, there have been predictions that Joel Embiid would be named MVP tonight — let’s debunk the claims.

Joel Embiid

Is the MVP Award going to Joel Embiid tonight?

There were rumors going into Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals that Joel Embiid might win the MVP award today.

This caused a lot of confusion among fans because no one expected it to be revealed tonight.

However, as others have confirmed, they were only rumours. During tonight’s game, Joel Embiid will not be named MVP.


On Twitter, Sixers reporter Derek Bodner confirmed the news: ‘Not to be that guy, but the award will be revealed on TNT, and tonight’s game will be on ESPN,’ he added. ‘Aside from the fact that most voters have stated who they’re voting for, and it doesn’t look good for Embiid, that’s not going to happen tonight.’

The original account that predicted Embiid would win MVP also corrected their prediction:

“Correction about justice for @JoelEmbiid MVP … announcement will NOT be tonight. My apologies!”

Announcing the MVP during a fairly unpredictable Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals would have been a strange move.


While there is no set date, the MVP will most likely be announced before the NBA Finals begin on June 2nd.

Why does Embiid have a mask on?

Embiid was already hurting before Philly’s first-round playoff matchup against the Raptors. During the series, it was discovered that he had a torn thumb ligament.

Then, in Game 6, things got even worse when Embiid received an elbow to the face from Pascal Siakam. He was ruled out of Games 1 and 2 due to a fractured orbital and a moderate concussion.


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