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Meet Pro Footballer Named Jelani Greene AKA “Aj Greene 15” on TikTok

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Instagram/AJ GREENE 15


Jelani Greene, a star Football athlete, has amassed a sizable internet presence and is still famous as TikToker AJ Greene 15.

Browse AJ Greene’s social networking sites, professional career, and private life to discover much more about the popular TikTok artists. On his TikTok profile, Jelani Greene is a content producer and pro football expert. Including over 2.5 million followers as well as 90.5 million likes. Simply go through his Instagram account to see a plethora of successful content. The majority of which includes humor in American football clips.

@ajgreene15 is known for his funny voice-over edits of athletic videos, and his account has received a lot of attention.

AJ GREENE 15 has more than 233k subscribers despite just having seen it on YouTube for just a year.

@ajgreene15 already has a significant Instagram account. Wherein he posts several of his TikTok clips as well as photos of himself and his pals.


Greene is presently a member of the New Hampshire Wildcats sports team. Where he has been the team’s wideout for over one year. Although some accounts claim Jelani seems to be from Newfield, New York. He claims to be from Compton, California on his Social media page.

The athlete went to The University of New Haven. And graduated with honors in psychology in the middle of each year. He went to Newfield High School and afterward Longwood Junior High before going to university. Harold as well as Carol Greene’s child is 33 years old.


Bro made him a lineman😭🤦🏾‍♂️ @cin5o #football #athlete #ajtv

♬ original sound – AJ📺


Despite the fact that Jelani Greene is a well-known social media figure. Many viewers continue to confuse him with some other individual called AJ Green.

Although AJ Green, a professional American football wideout. He has a similar name and profession to Jelani. The two are very different in terms of age, height, lifestyle, and appearance.

@ajgreene15 came to TikTok to clarify the situation and set himself apart from the Football player for the Arizona Cardinals. Jelani Greene is a football player for the New York Jets. He was born in Newfield, New York. He is recruited to play the sport for such New Hampshire Wildcats.


Jelani Greene has reached the age of 33. Greene’s actual birthday and other information have yet to be released in the media. However, he is currently 33 years old. In terms of height. He is indeed a strong man who stands at 6 feet high. He also has excellent athletic skills. His TikTok video just became popular due to a clever statement he wanted to convey.


Reply to @anakin._.edits I FIGURED IT OUT! Eve Google messes us up🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ #football #athlete #ajtv

♬ original sound – AJ📺

The story of a wide receiver on Tik Tok has recently gone viral on social media. So it is among the most popular drafting storylines as the NFL Draft approaches. Greene has already been creating TikTok and YouTube clips for a long period of time. His vines as well as short video clips are his most successful.


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