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Brittany Bowe, Hero Us Skater Gives Erin Jackson Spot on Olympic Speedskating Team After She Slipped

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Brittany Bowe



Brittany Bowe, a speed skater, renounced her spot in the 500 meters race for the 2022 Winter Olympic games on January 9, 2022, although not due to mental wellbeing or injury. Brittany Bowe, on the other hand, dropped out from the competition such that colleague Erin Jackson may participate. A move that has gone popular on popular networking sites.

Despite coming third from the Us Speed Skating Championships in Milwaukee, Jackson is always on course to achieve her Olympic ambition. Team USA players made the headlines in Tokyo for a myriad of purposes, notably pulling out of the summer 2020 Olympics. Simone Biles gained attention when she announced her withdrawal from the gymnasts’ championships, claiming mental health issues.

She eventually competed in the balancing beams finals and won a bronze medal. NBA player Kevin Love has also withdrawn from the games, only one week before the start of the Games. In comparison to them, Bowe’s touching judgment will encourage you, because it is made for a very productive cause. But just already when we inform you about that as well, here’s some background information about Bowe.

Brittany Bowe
Brittany Bowe and Erin Jackson

Who is Brittany Bowe?

The 33-year-old is a talented athlete who has previously play pro basketball and was an inline skater until switching to speed skating. Brittany Bowe, who was born as well as reared in Florida. Played soccer throughout her childhood before switching to basketball.

Brittany Bowe was a member of the women ‘s basketball squad attending Florida Atlantic Institute in Boca Raton. And finished in 2010. Bowe began inline skates at the age of eight in 1996 and moved on to become a well-known competitor in the sport. She switched to speed skating in 2010 and soon established herself as a dominating skater with a series of medials.


Bowe, like many sportsmen, has had to overcome several obstacles. Bowe is not just one of the few openly gay Olympics competitors. But she really had a health emergency that almost ruined her career. Bowe experienced a concussion in practice in 2017. This led to her being diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia.

And occurs when the body has been unable to regulate blood pressure or respiratory rate after standing up. Bowe, on the other hand, overcame the difficulties and won Olympic gold in 2018. She’s now aiming for a gold medal in Beijing, where she’ll compete there in 1000m and 1500m after giving up her spot in the 500m events to Jackson.


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