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WATCH: Antonio Brown Incident As He Takes Off Pads And Storms Off Field Mid-Game

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On Sunday, an unconventional incident led to Antonio Brown leaving the win over The New York Jets. The head coach of the team Bruce Arians announced that the player is no longer with the team. Antonio Brown who is a veteran wide receiver was announced to be excluded from the team. Bruce Arians said on AB after the game that He( Antonio Brown) is no longer a Buc and that is the end of the story. He said to the reporters that let us talk about those players who went out and won the game. According to sources, the player was not invited to fly back to Tampa with the Bucs.

To this incident, Tom Brady said that everyone should be compassionate and empathetic enough towards him. Tom Brady fought really his best to get the Bucs to take Antonio Brown in the first place in the last season. He said that due to some difficult things that are happening, we should be empathetic and compassionate for Antonio. The incident took place on January 2, 2022. Read more to know more!

Incident With Antonio Brown Explained

The match was going really well and in the favour of the Bucs. But suddenly during the break in the second-half game, Antonio Brown took off his gear. He threw his shirt and gloves at the stand and ran out of the field. Before taking the exit, Brown did some jumping jacks in the end zone. He waved at the New York crown before jogging into the tunnel. At the time of the third quarter, 28-24 the incident occurred with AB catching three times.

The fellow players, Mike Evans and O.J. Howard tried to calm Brown as he behaved differently. Audiences and TV cameras available at that time recorded the scenario. It is still not known the reason why this incident occurred. According to sources, the head coach tried to get him to go back to the game but Brown refused clearly. Before leaving the field, AB showed a peace sign to the fans. After the game, Antonio Brown tweeted an image of him from MetLife stadium. It was a pregame image. He also posted an image on Instagram and showed gratitude for the opportunity in the caption.

This Incident Of Antonio Brown Was Last For Arians

Earlier, AB was accused of obtaining a fake vaccine card along with her beau. The team finalized Antonio Brown in 2020. But there were more allegations on the player of rape and sexual misconduct. AB got suspended eight times from NFL. After all this the head coach, Arians said that if he screws up one time, he is gone. AB was back after a three-game suspension for violating the covid-19 protocols of the NFL. Arians welcomed him after all this but it seems that this incident proved him wrong.


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