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Asian Doll Drama Explained as She Walks Out Of Fresh And Fit Podcast After Being Shushed

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Asian Doll

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The Fresh, as well as Fit podcast, is getting attention again since rapper Asian Doll lately walk off from the podcast. This was after a disagreement with presenter Myron Gaines.

The Fresh as well as Fit podcast, organized by Freshprinceceo. But also Myron Gaines is quickly getting recognition because of being chaotic.

Gaines refers to that as “The #1 Men’s Podcast there in Universe”. And it usually features a board of Instagram models, best-known rap artists, and perhaps some famous people. A variety of subjects are undercover, including athleticism, financial affairs, social networking sites, and so much more. Less than a few weeks earlier, DJ Akademiks became embroiled in reasoning. With such a guest on the very same talk show, and things immediately escalated.

Asian Doll Viral Video

Asian Doll, a prior visitor on the program, stormed out while it’s still broadcasting. After already being disturbed throughout a talk by the podcast presenter. Myron Gaines, the presenter of the podcast, “shushed” Asian Doll as well as her companion. The presenter says, “This is really the sixth time I’ve informed you already right, just stop”. Whereby the rapper responds, “he means as FK.”


The host blames Asian Doll for constantly undermining the program. Saying “She’s consistently done it all the show.” “I have regulations, it’s a podcast,” she says.
As the dispute between the two intensifies, Myron tells Asian Doll to “get the f**k off the television”. Myron’s co-host tells him to “relax,” noting, “she wouldn’t want to go anywhere.”

“He’s hyper, I’m peaceful,” the Asiandoll adds. The Pull-Up rapper wants to quit the show mid-recording just a few moments after the dispute has died down. “I do not really understand who she really is,” Myron constantly says about Asian Doll.

Asian Doll And Fans Reaction

Both Myron, as well as Asian Doll, chimed in with the subject. When the nearly four-minute video from the program became viral. “I was just so serene yesterday because I understood what he has been trying to accomplish”. The rapper wrote on Twitter.

The Fresh and Fit presenter, but on the other side. Took to Social media to tell his version of the tale in a collection of stories. “I calmly clarify myself as well indicate there seem to be regulations,” the host said in one of the instances. “She says a rude remark below her breaths. Whenever the talk is over and then adds ‘I do not even bother,’ after already being yelled out.”


After the podcast, the majority of followers on Twitter appear to already have agreed with Asian Doll. Here’s how well a couple of them responded to the situation.


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