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Why does Tobey Maguire’ Spider-Man have Organic Webbing?

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Tobey Maguire' Spider-Man Organic Webbing

There are going to be numerous Disney+ series from Marvel. Even though Marvel surprises awesome sets of movies; on the other side, Marvel Fans are highly anticipating about “Spiderman No Way Home” movie. In this article too, you will know about why all the three Spider-man has different kinds of the web! Most importantly Why Tobey Maguire has Organic Web? While others don’t! Let’s go!

Gossips and rumors are spreading that; in Marvel’s “No Way Home” Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield going to appear. Thus, all the three Spiderman are going to show up, Multiverse will be saved again; this is what fans are expecting so far. Also, the trailer released has villains on board. So, there is a high possibility that Three Spider men line up to save the multiverse. Fans will cherish the moment if all the three superheroes would speak to each other. Think about that!

Coming to the question now, if they speak with each other, there is a high level of possibility that they will ask about their ability to shoot. Then comes the question about their variety of web! Isn’t it? Indeed, there is a plot leak about types of the web too!
Now, every fan has this basic question! Why Tobey Maguire has Organic Web whereas others have web shooter! The whole reason is Sam Raimi. Yes!

Who created Organic Web?

Before getting into this answer, another important discussion is that, Does the Spiderman Comic series has the same kind of technique for the entire Spiderman? Or not! Stan Lee, The Spiderman comic writer thought to give Organic Web to Spiderman. Eventually, he thought giving an organic web would look like Spiderman is expelling an organic material to catch hold of things. He thinks a massive superhero like Spiderman expelling an organic thing from his hand will look funny. So, drops that thought. Hence, the idea of Web Shooter came. This Web Shooter is a small technology (A Cartridge has web fluid, with pressure) that expels the web. Stan Lee thinks this idea is way more realistic than Organic Web. Therefore, in most of the places of “Spiderman Comics”

, Spiderman has his only option, The Web Shooter.


Whereas, in the movie with Tobey Maguire, the director Sam Raimi changed the Cartridge Web and switched to Organic Web. As we know, Sony Corporation took over the movie rights of Spiderman from Marvel, but before Sony bought it, Carolco Pictures is the one who bought it in the first place. Carolco brought James Cameron into this picture and tried to make a big Spiderman movie. So, he started the Scriptment. Unfortunately, due to some financial problems for Carolco Pictures, the movie rights were gained by Sony now. Whereas Sony didn’t create any type of other versions of Spiderman, but they got their scriptment.

Sony creates the Spiderman movies: A Scriptwriting process:

In the year of 2002, Sony began to create Spiderman movies. For that, they used the same scriptment as James Cameron’s. Plus, they bring two types of directors like David Koepp, Scott Rosenberg was very keen on writing the script for this movie. Finally, Sam Raimi approved this script. The most important thing is that these two people don’t change the particular plot of James Cameron’s version of Spiderman. That is “The Organic Web”. Sam Raimi thinks this is a good idea rather than the Comic version of Spiderman (The Web Shooter). Another reason for his approval of Organic Web is that, Generally, Spider and Spiderman possess all kinds of same Spider abilities such as Spider View, which can easily crawl in walls, the sensibilities, etc. Hence, Sam Raimi thinks this Organic Web concept is an added ability of Spiderman.

Tobey Maguire Spider Man

Most Importantly, Sam Raimi shows Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) as a normal man who couldn’t understand his Superhero ability. Why? This is because Sam Raimi is sure that never wants to introduce any kind of intelligent technology such as The Web Shooter here in his movie. If he introduces so, then Peter Parker shall be considered as an intelligent person (who knows his true ability) rather than a normal person (How cool it is!). Even though, this movie is way different from the Comic version, yet, this never gets weird for sure. Fans are so cool about Spiderman’s Organic Web quality.


The above-mentioned theories are given by the Creators side. When it comes to the movie plot, it is anticipated that the directors will give a different kind of theory. For your convenience, we have also guessed that this could be a justification from the directors’ side. Read the below paragraph to know why Tobey Maguire has Organic Web!
Incidentally, Three Spidermen were bit by radioactive Spider. Hence, became Superheroes. Rest is History. The important thing to note here is, Tobey Maguire was bit by a more powerful and advanced level of a radioactive spider. Whereas, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland is also powerful one but not as powerful as Tobey’s. That is why; Tobey is bestowed with Organic Web (creating web from the body itself).

Tom Holland Spider Man

Hence, First off, we have to wait for three Spiderman in the same frame, all these theories should get unlocked. The only thing we can do is, to eagerly wait for it! Which kind of Web shooters do you like? Leave us in the comment below. Thank you so much for reading!


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