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Spider-Man: No Way Home, Trailer Teases Sinister Six Villains

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Spider Man No Way Home

Spider Man No Way Home: The SpiderMan has always remained in highlights because of the immense love and support this film got ever since it was first released in 2002. Fans always wanted to witness a face-off of Peter Parker aka Spiderman and the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six is a group of all the biggest villains of Spiderman comics.

The SpiderMan: No Way Home Trailer was released on 24th August 2021. And with the release of the new trailer for Spider Man No Way Home has hinted towards the return of some biggest villains. We can get to see some real big fighting sequences as everyone else wanted.

Spider Man No Way Home: Trailer Recap

With the release of the new trailer, people have gone crazy with the most anticipated series of the time. The trailer shows that Peter was facing several problems because his identity was revealed.

Now, everyone knew that Peter Parker is the Spider-Man, so he visited Doctor Strange for help. He then warns Peter about the danger of living two personalities at a time.


Peter wanted Doctor to erase this memory from everyone’s minds that he is the real spider man. But playing with the multiverse is very dangerous as suggested by the doctor.

Spider Man No Way Home

Confirmed Villains

Doctor Ock :: Alfred Molina is back after seventeen years as the greatest villain of all time. Alfred last appeared in Sam Raimi’s SpiderMan 2. He was seen as Doctor Otto Octavius.

Green Goblin :: There have been rumors about the return of Willem Dafoe. Although, he is not seen physically in the trailer there seem to be some hints. The first one is one of his pumpkin bombs and secondly, his strange laugh altogether hints towards his return.

Electro :: This one was last seen in Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man. After such a long time, this master villain is making a return. This has been confirmed by Jamie Foxx’s appearance in the trailer.

Potential Appearance in the trailer

Sandman :: In the trailer, we can clearly see a lot of sand floating around which indirectly gives us hints that Sandman can make a return. Sandman was Flint Marko who appeared in 2007’s Spiderman 3.

Venom or Kraven the hunter :: in the trailer, it was noticed that someone or something frightening Peter from outside the window. But it was a very dark scene so it’s difficult to exactly point out who’s that villain.


There are three speculations for the same.

1. It could be Lizard from 2012’s Amazing Spiderman.

2. It could potentially be Topher Grace’s Venom from Spider-Man 3.

3. It could also be Taylor Johnson as Kraven the hunter.

Spider Man villains

The Sixth Villain

There are several speculations for who can be the potential sixth villain in the SpiderMan: No Way Home. Below are the three most widely guessed villains who could be seen as the sixth villains.

  • Vulture :: There are rumours that Michael Keaton can be seen in Spider Man: No Way Home. But no accurate announcement has been made so we’ll have to wait for further updates.
  • Scorpion :: There are speculations that Michael Mando can return from SpiderMan: Homecoming since he hasn’t been seen for quite some time.
  • Mysterio :: Although he died at the end of SpiderMan:Far From Home but fans believe that he could make a comeback since he was a trickster and could fake his death.

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