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Idris Elba returning to Luther movie as John Luther on Netflix

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Idris Elba

Idris Elba coming back to form as Detective John Luther again. After two years of Luther’s completion, Actor Elba is reprising his role as DCI Luther in the film form this time. Whatever it is, As long as Idris playing as himself (John Luther), the fans shall have thrilled.
The film will release by Netflix and, most surprisingly, the film story will continue with its previous conclusion (the series completes by Season 5).

Idris Elba is famous for his prominent roles in BBC Crime thrillers and other roles like in “The Wire”. This time, he is getting a full-length movie from the series.

Luther Cast and Crew:

Netflix, The most streaming platform and the future abode of the “Luther” series report that Elba will reprise the role along with other two casts; Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis.

The script will operate the same with the creator Neil Cross (the scriptwriter). Other than these people, it is unclear about the remaining characters of the film. Now, it is up to the authorities who will get a place in the movie form of characters. Plus, the story too is not revealed much. Hence, we have to eagerly wait for it!

Idris Elba

What will be the movie all about?

In the series, the story ended so surprisingly. The finale ended on a dramatic end left the fans white knuckle. DCI John Luther was taken away with handcuffs and Ruth’s character, Alice seems to be dead! So, the real question is how will the movie start with this spine-chilling ending? Isn’t it? Exciting!

Without revealing many spoilers Luther ended with John jailed with a feeling of uncertainty to the character as well as the fans. One thing most receiving is that Elba is moved to see the character’s story on a big screen.

Whereas, in an interview, Idris Elba teased that the character John is to make some serious decision in prison. He adds, for a policeman like Luther it would be a struggling moment to take a decision like this. This great setup is good for a movie. According to him, The Season 4-5 were kind of mini-movies thus, the movie version will definitely give a greater yet compressed dosage of Luther.


Release date?

Till now, there is no official information about the specific date for the movie release. Thankfully, Idris sounded like the filming would start by this year soon.

Talking to Capital FM, the actor indicated that his 2021 plans include the film production too! He says, apart from music he and his fans are super excited about his film and stories. He specified that he is making “Luther: The Movie”.

Hence, the movie is on its way. Start to anticipate more updates!

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