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Why did Ten Rings change color when Shang-Chi wears it? Story behind the color change!

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Shang-Chi Ten Rings

Marvel’s grand release, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has left the fans speechless. At the same time, various questions are all over the air. Specifically, The color change of rings from Blue to Yellow! What and Why is the question! Luckily, we are going to cover it for you!

In this brief article, you will know about what is the importance of color change from Blue to Yellow? So Spoilers Alert!

The Ten Rings have been in MCU’s true Mandarin’s (Tony Leung) custody for thousand years. He literally protected and conquered it. Still, when Shang-Chi (his son) took over his possession during the final conflict, the color changed into Yellow! Behind this high-spirited hint, what is the story behind it? Let’s find out! 

Mandarin controls the Ten Rings: Color Blue

As, Mandarin (Wenwu) finds the Ten Rings, such a powerful relic on its own; near a tomb or crater. Mysteriously, the origin of Ten Rings is unknown. This could become a turning point in the future sequel. On the other side, the Blue color represents an immense, immortal behavior. As same as the color, Mandarin possesses these characters as his strength. These high abilities given by Ten Rings manipulate him to control the rings eventually, this became his natural strength. What he doesn’t know is that it manipulates him. Even though he is shown as a good man, the rings gave him the power and the energy, in turn, controlled him long lastingly. 

Shang-Chi Blue Rings

Shang Chi takes control of the Ten Rings:

At the time, when Mandarin tried to free the Dweller-in-Darkness (a soul-eating beast) from prison in Ta Lo, got tricked by thinking he is saving his wife, he got deceived by the beast. His son Shang-Chi arrives and gets into conflict with him. He tried his entire level to stop him. Eventually, as the fight goes on, Shang-Chi stole his dad’s first five sets of ten rings. When he started to control the ten rings, surprisingly, the color glows yellow-orange and started to emit yellow energy. It is too late to fight now! Dweller-In-Darkness gets freed by Mandarin!

Sadly, he identifies his mistake at last; he hands over all the rings to his son and dies. Now, Shang-Chi gets the power of all the Ten Rings. Fortunately, he uses the power of Ten Rings for good cause. Because of that, the ten ring’s potential gets changes and so does the color of the rings changes. 

The Heart of the Dragon:

Once, in a flashback sequence, Shang-Chi’s Mother told him about his powerful status of having the Heart of the Dragon. Here, the Dragon represents the Great Protector. Heart in the sense, Shang-Chi, and his mother have some main power same as the Great Protector has. This is why they could easily control the Ten Rings. As the dragon is a mystical one, they also possess some mystical power within them. Absolutely, this made them control the rings completely. Because of this separate power for mother and son, the rings glow differently (not as a normal blue color) 


The Visual Cue in Shang Chi:

From a Lively visual standpoint, the color change from blue to yellow, lets the audience know about the different types of control between them. Mandarin gets controlled by the rings, hence the blue. Whereas for Shang-Chi it turns yellow because he possessed it with good cause and also because of his inheritance. 

Everything is been said, Ten Rings definitely changed Shang-Chi into a major high-flyer, leading to a new Avenger in MCU from Phase 4 and in the future too! Although, the origins and future of the Ten rings remain a mystery. Yet, it is a clear sign that Shang-Chi will unlock the secrets in the subsequent sequel (probably Shang-Chi 2)

Finally, The more prominent explanation for all the questions will be answered in future MCUs. Stay Tuned!


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