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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3 Release Date, Time & Countdown

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3

The title of Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3 is “Free Ride“. Episode 3 is directed by John Wells and written by Bradley Paul. Animal Kingdom is an American TV Series based on 2010 Australian Film. The first season of Animal Kingdom was released in 2016. TNT reveals that there will be the only sixth and final season of Animal Kingdom. The series is developed by  Jonathan Lisco. Let’s start the article with a quick recap and review of episode 2.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2: Recap

Episode 2 begins with a previous flashback of what happens in the last episode before it opens up with Pope trying to fix the house. so, J gets ready for the meeting with Smurf’s lawyers about her estates. Pope is still not feeling well since Smurf is gone before we get a flashback scene from a young Smurf. We finally see for the first time a young Pamela Johnson who is the beneficiary for Smurf’s estate. We see that Smurf and Pamela have known each other for a long time. Smurf is in a pawn shop doing some things while Pam was in the car with a young Pope. Pope has been always been crazy since he was young because he’s holding a knife like he’s a professional. Smurf robs the pawnshop of the jewelry before Pamela hits the guy with the car.  

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3

It jumps back to the present time where they’re at the meeting with Smurf’s lawyers. Basically, the guys cannot do anything to change Smurf’s estate. The boys are aggravated pissed off because they’re trying to see how they could change the entire situation. so, J has an idea of motion that he’s gonna try to find Pamela and take her out of her misery. Because with that it could possibly open up smurfs estate to the boys. After that, we see J meeting with Frankie about how he needs their help. Whenever she helps him she wants 5% of everything that they’re doing to take over to which J’s agree.  


Then we see Craig and Deran since getting a helpful tip from Renn Craig’s baby Mama about this job. how she made over 5000 from somebody. They decide to rob a boat and it goes backfires because first of all the people that were in the boat were playing with dollars not 100$ bills. So they decide to tie the boys to uptake the jet skis and basically plant drugs on him to get them caught. Then Pope is still feeling down about Smurf being gone. He didn’t trust it to go to the funeral parlor to have her buried. But he can’t do it on that day since there are closed.  

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3

Meanwhile, Deran is still not happy that Adrian’s being gone when an FBI agent shows up. Basically trying to talk to him saying that he remembers him and everything. So Pope and Deran they’re kinda losing it right now as they are both going through some type of heartbreak that they can’t go through. Then J gets a visit from one of Smurf’s old friends and people that he worked with frequently the last season Pete. Pete tells J about the job that involves all the guys getting involved to steal some things out of the airplane that crashed. Since nobody is looking for it, they have a good head start. So, then J tries to tell the boys about the job and they’re like as long as Pope is in then they’ll do the job. Pope decides to visit Julia’s grave where he sees a couple of other people with no names on the gravesite right by Julia. The next day we see that Pope is up by the pool where he accidentally pours in half of Smurf’s remains into the pool. The episode ends here. 


Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3 is all set to release on Sunday, July 25, 2021, at 9 PM ET/PT on TNT. The title of Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 3 is “Free Ride“.

Where to Watch? You can watch the latest episodes of Animal Kingdom Season 5 online on TNT. Currently, Season 5 is only available for TNT’s premium users. You can buy a TNT subscription to watch new episodes of Animal Kingdom. Apart from Season 5, You can watch all season 4 on Amazone Prime Video.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Episode Details

  • Episode 1 Release Date 11 July 2021 titled “Red Handed”.
  • Episode 2 Release Date 18 July 2021 titled “What Remains”.
  • Episode 3 Release Date 25 July 2021 titled “Free Ride”.
  • Episode 4 Release Date 1 Aug 2021 titled TBA.
  • Episode 5 Release Date 8 Aug 2021 titled “Family Business”.
  • Episode 6 Release Date 15 Aug 2021 titled “Home Sweet Home”.
  • Episode 7 Release Date 22 Aug 2021 titled “Splinter”.
  • Episode 8 Release Date 29 Aug 2021 titled “Gladiators”.
  • Episode 9 Release Date 5 Sep 2021 titled “Let It Ride”.
  • Episode 10 Release Date 12 Sep 2021 titled “Relentless”.
  • Episode 11 Release Date 19 Sep 2021 titled “Trust The Process”.
  • Episode 12 Release Date 26 Sep 2021 titled “Loose Ends”.
  • Episode 13 Release Date 3 Oct 2021 titled “Launch”.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Trailer

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