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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 Release Date, Time & Countdown

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 is written by Bill Balas. The title of episode 2 is “What Remains”. It is an American TV Series based on Animal Kingdom 2010. The first Season of the animal kingdom was released in 2016. Currently, the series has an 8.2/10 IMDb rating.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 1: Recap

The episode begins with a recap of what happened last season and showing the ultimate fate of smurf. Then we see the four guys j, Pope, Craig, and Deran. They’re all just waiting all planning out how the cousins are coming to get them. Because they realized that the cousins from the last season pope’s cousins are coming after them after what smurf did when she killed her father. Then we get a flashback scene smurf, a young pope, and Julia j’s mother as kids. We see smurfing them in a store just doing things they’re not supposed to be doing. They leave the store. After the flashback ended, it goes back to the present day. Craig and pope stacking out some store trying to see what’s going on. They soon realized that something isn’t right. They see that the owner of the store has been basically beating up and tide up. He makes a discovery that smurf had a secret apartment.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2

They go to the apartment with j and Craig will know it they go to the apartment with j and Deran. They realized that it’s the cousins as the cousins are coming out to them. They’re going to be taking what’s theirs as in the gold as in they believe that their gold is their property.

It is a heated confrontation gun pointed out. Meanwhile, we see that j finds a couple of pictures of his mother, and one of the cousins axes the entire family. In the nighttime, the cousins decided to go call of duty on the entire family. We get another flashback scene of smurf, Julia, and Pope at a hotel swimming pool but Pope is acting very aggressive towards another kid Julia’s trying to stop. Then young smurf decides to set her mother’s car on fire.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2

After the call of duty shooting that occurs at the house. We see that Deran, he’s been shot in the arm and he has to deal with cops. J, Craig, and Pope taking the surviving members who started the whole call of duty mission shooting. They put them in another truck and then Pope takes them off at an undisclosed location. It seems as if that he’s going to kill every single one of them. He decides to let one of them go. We see him having some type of emotions now that his mother is gone. Pope lets the guy go, the guy runs for his life. The episode ends here.


Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 is set to release on Sunday 18 July 2021 at 9 PM ET/PT on TNT. The title of Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2 is “What Remains“.

Where to Watch? You can watch Season 5 of Animal Kingdom online on TNT. Season 5 is only available to its premium users. You can buy the TNT Subscription from the official site. Apart from Season 5, You can watch all season 4 on Amazone Prime Video.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Episode Details

  • Episode 1 Release Date 11 July 2021 titled “Red Handed”.
  • Episode 2 Release Date 18 July 2021 titled “What Remains”.
  • Episode 3 Release Date 25 July 2021 titled “Free Ride”.
  • Episode 4 Release Date 1 Aug 2021 titled TBA.
  • Episode 5 Release Date 8 Aug 2021 titled “Family Business”.
  • Episode 6 Release Date 15 Aug 2021 titled “Home Sweet Home”.
  • Episode 7 Release Date 22 Aug 2021 titled “Splinter”.
  • Episode 8 Release Date 29 Aug 2021 titled “Gladiators”.
  • Episode 9 Release Date 5 Sep 2021 titled “Let It Ride”.
  • Episode 10 Release Date 12 Sep 2021 titled “Relentless”.
  • Episode 11 Release Date 19 Sep 2021 titled “Trust The Process”.
  • Episode 12 Release Date 26 Sep 2021 titled “Loose Ends”.
  • Episode 13 Release Date 3 Oct 2021 titled “Launch”.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Trailer

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