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Venom Vs Carnage: Who would win And Stronger Symbiote?

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Venom Vs Carnage

Since the trailer has been released, the starting of a debate over Venom vs Carnage is going on. Venom is a fictional character by Marvel comics in collaboration with spiderman. Carnage is a killer who is also known as Cletus Kasady. Carnage is formed by the merging of Venom which is the offspring of the alien symbiote during the prison breakout. He is more dangerous and less stable than previous after merging with Venom. Carnage is one of the supervillains who try to kill civilians.

Venom Vs. Carnage: who is stronger?

Recently, the upcoming movie “Venom: Let there be Carnage” is based on Marvel comic character Venom. It is a sequel to the Venom 2018 movie. Where Tom Hardy can be seen as Eddie Brock or Venom a lead role and Woody Harrelson played the role of Cletus Kasady or Carnage. By seeing the trailer most of the viewers anticipated that the carnage is stronger than Venom.
As carnage has more superpowers and has deadly force. Moreover, Carnage looks are more destructive and powerful than Venom. But both have their power. It will be the deadliest combination ever. Both have rapid healing power. On the other hand, Carnage has unpredictable nature and can easily overtake Venom.

Venom Vs Carnage

Fight between Venom and Carnage

Venom Vs Carnage: The trailer starts with the disastrous cooking skill of Venom who is making breakfast. Later on, Kasady leading to his transformation by injected some green color liquid injection. His major aim is to be destructive. Venom and carnage are always ready to kill each other, fighting several times. Their fight is one the biggest fight in the Marvel Universe. Scarlet Spider and Venom in the year 2012 had to team up to fight against Carnage. It includes more than one superhero to stop him.
The rivalry between the two is always thrilling to watch. Perhaps it is most likely Venom would find some way to defeat Carnage. As venom has also a lot of potential, knowledge, and patience. Fans are always looking for this kind of amazing fight.
Carnage is already completely off his rocker. When he fuses with Cletus Kasady, the whole thing goes out of the control of everyone as they drastic change will take place. It is harder to stop Carnage and the two create one of the best bonds ever. In the end, there is always love to watch these two wonderful superheroes.


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