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Predator 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Story

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predator 5

Predator 5

: If you are a fan of action movies then get ready for the thrill. Here you have the chance to watch an amazing action movie. And the movie is none other than Predator which is one of the most iconic films to date. The Predator franchise is tremendous both on and off-screen. But how can we forget to mention Alien vs Predator which is also worth mentioning?

Predator 5 story: Female lead the movie

From the reports, it says that the fifth series is to be titled “Skulls”. Later it was confirmed by the producers of the film. Either way, it can be the predator’s first journey to the planet even it can be the predator’s original story. This is also confirmed by the producers of the film John Fox and John Devis. They also added that in this series the protagonist will be the female character who is having the willpower not to give up.

predator 5

Mainly, the film will focus on a Comanche Woman. Who is a fearless, hero-cum warrior, and she must face the Predator and fight against them in an incredible way?
There could be a civil war. And the Comanche woman fight for the gender norms. Through this fight, she will prove that she is capable of being a leader to his tribe. And a badass woman. The filmmakers are trying to make fresh things and we would see the yaujta species interaction with the earth and we will get to know more about the yaujta species.

Predator 5 – Cast

Well, most of the cast members are not disclosed yet but Amber Midthunder has cast the film lead character. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the cast as in this there is a female who will feature the lead role. And no other information regarding the actor. From the reports, it’s likely no actor from the initial film, maybe a performer inside a Yautja suit. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most versatile action hero. The fans are waiting to see him but there is no response regarding his appearance in this movie or not. Will he?

Predator 5 – Release date :Yet to be disclosed

Predator 5 doesn’t announce an exact release date yet. But it is expected to be somewhere in 2022. So fans have to wait some more time for a marvelous film.


As the film is still shooting and the trailer is yet to be launched soon.

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