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Venom let there be Carnage movie trailer looks insane

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Venom let there be Carnage

When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego ‘Venom’ to save his life. Together, they will attempt to stop a villain who wants to create chaos and destroy the world. The film is set for release in theatres in 2021. The trailer of the film looks so good and interesting for all the audience. They have been waiting for something good like this in the pandemic. The first trailer has been revealed for what could be one of the most fun films of the year.


The film connects to the first movie but focuses more on Eddie Brock as the main character. He’s an actor who has to deal with his own self drama. As Eddie Brock struggles to move on with his life, one of Spider-Man’s most ferocious foes returns in a nightmare-inducing trailer. Good thing there are still a few superheroes left trying to protect the world, and Tom Hardy is back as Venom. This highly anticipated trailer highlights a different side of the symbiotic hero, the alien Symbiote which covers Eddie’s skin. Also, Eddie is fighting against a lot of odd and powerful creatures before he is sent back to Earth.

This year’s sequel to Sony’s Venom will feature a fan-favorite duo on the big screen. Reid Scott and Michelle Williams will return for Venom. The film is part of Sony’s Universe of Marvel films and will come after a movie centered on another Spider-Man character. Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes Captain America. Sony’s own Marvel universe is expanding, joining in on the action of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Venom: let there be Carnage movie official trailer


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