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Summer Solstice Point Drama: When Is It Coming? Check Details here

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Summer Solstice

Summer solstice point more commonly known as summer solstice point Manhwa is written by YUJU and afterward, it is played into the drama. It’s an adult love story that is portrayed so romantically. It is an animated drama. It will give pleasure to their fans. A comic book agency “Jadam Media” is producing the work whereas 221b for the production of the drama. The story contains delightful events between them and how they are facing together problems and then sort it out.
The summer solstice point was first released in a book in November 2019. The book made a huge success in that it won Grand Prize’ at the 2020 Reddy Books Webtoon Awards.

Summer Solstice PointStory: Seo-Ha and Ji-Hoo

Here is a love story of a young divorced woman Seo-Ha who is running a cafe who falls in love with 20-year-old Ji-Hoo who is a part-time worker in her cafe. They portrayed sweet, mature, romantic stories for the present adult generation. Meanwhile, they both want to live together and be happy without any drama and complications.


But some hurdles keep them apart from each other. These hurdles are the challenges of their lives. They are both attracted to each other and both emotionally connect. When Seo and Ji are close to each other they find comfort in each other’s arms. They forgot about the things in their life when they are together and instead of thinking about marital woes and difficulties in life they chose happiness at that time.

Summer Solstice

The fans will relate this story to themselves because their love story is beyond usual stories. Things are more realistic in this drama. Their love story mainly focuses on the age group of the 20s and 30s. They will show that even when there are difficulties they both stand with each other and will fight. They depict a strong romantic story.


Moreover, the relationship perfectly drawing the simple straightforward style. The readers are excited and simultaneously waiting for the drama as the story is a full-fledged adult romance and waiting for the remake to make. Interestingly, the story received an overwhelming response from the reader’s fans.

Release date

As fans are eagerly waiting for the drama it will be soon available on an overseas platform. The date of release is not released yet but will be shortly available. The spectators are interested feel the story and when and how the Summer Solstice Point will happen.

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