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Pawn Stars returns with New Episodes featuring Mick Foley

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Pawn Stars

The famous American television series- Pawn Stars is back on “The History” channel! 7 days ago: Pawn stars added a new video on their Instagram handle communicating that they are coming back on March 22, at 9 PM [Eastern Time]

Pawn Stars is actually a show based on a Pawnshop in Las Vegas owned by Rick Harrison. They sell and purchase old artifacts. Pawn stars have completed a total of 18 seasons with an overall 7.2 IMDb rating. Approx 93% of the total crowd likes the show. The main players in the game are The Old Man, Rick Harrison, Correy Harrison, Chumlee Rusell. The same is expected from this season. Well, we can surely say that start was epic. Coming off one of the former WWE Hall of Famer- Mick Foley

will be thrilling. Foley is one of the legends in the field of wrestling. The episode will be much more interesting to see when Dennis Squad will make an entry.


Blast off 

The boys are back! 

Separating the winning pawns from the huge cons. 

Because in this Town 

You either make it 

Or break it……”

[This is a short summary of the video]

Before, moving forward with details. Here’s what they communicated through their Twitter handle. 

Chumlee also added a new post on his Instagram with the caption:

“NEW EPISODES START MONDAY THE 22nd on HISTORY, that’s tomorrow!!! Also happens to be Rick’s birthday! Tune in. Love you all!”

Fans are getting excited. But a big question is also arising. Due to the Covid-19, most of the cities including Las Vegas were under lockdown for most of 2020. So when did they film? Or a better question, what did they film? Season 18 has almost 25 episodes. Episode 11 will launch by The History on March 22. No information about the other episodes has been conveyed.


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