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Melissa Gorga voices her frustrations at not being Teresa Giudice’s bridesmaid at RHONJ reunion

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On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the first segment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) three-part reunion aired. While the season as a whole was quite intense, viewers did not anticipate so much turmoil during the reunion. Andy Cohen, the host, brought up a number of concerns, which sparked some heated debates among the cast.

Dolores and Jennifer’s friendship, Jackie Goldschnider’s struggle with her eating illness, Teresa Giudice’s friendship with Dolores and the rest of the cast, and Melissa Gorga not being Teresa’s bridesmaid and her past with Joe Gorga were all discussed in the first portion of the reunion.

Many relationships have been harmed and numerous arguments have occurred during this year’s RHONJ season. While several disagreements were settled during the program, the cast’s dissatisfaction was evident during the reunion, with the group openly discussing their grievances.

Fans react to Melissa’s absence from Teresa Giudice’s wedding as a bridesmaid

Melissa Gorga was noticeably upset that she was not chosen as a bridesmaid in Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas’ wedding. The actress admitted that she had witnessed all of the Gorga family’s ups and downs. And that not being invited as a bridesmaid for her sister-in-wedding law’s was particularly heartbreaking.

Teresa made it obvious that she and Melissa were not close enough for Melissa to be a bridesmaid at their wedding, indicating in front of the other cast members that the two were not close enough for Melissa to be a bridesmaid at their wedding.


As one user put it, Melissa wants a cookie for helping her husband’s family, and that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. Melissa acts as if she done everything for Teresa.

Another said, Honestly, someone painting my moms toes while she was on her deathbed would AUTOMATICALLY make them a bridesmaid,

Teresa, according to another, is selfish. Melissa Gorga got married while she was pregnant, with her as a bridesmaid!! She was furious!! Teresa requires a mental evacuation!

In the first installment of the RHONJ reunion, what happened?

The first item that host Andy Cohen brought up was Dolores Catania’s shady association with Jennifer Aydin. Jennifer disagreed with the cast’s assessment that she had supported Aydin throughout the season (as seen by the flashback footage presented on the show).


Jennifer admitted that she suspected her co-star of having a hidden intent to harm her. This irritated Dolores, who declared herself no longer a friend of the housewife. Many of the duo’s post-reunion confessions and interviews have raised the same concerns, and it looks like their friendship is in jeopardy.

Jennifer and Teresa’s connection with Jackie Goldschneider was also jeopardised. Jennifer benefited from Jackie’s assistance when she was having a public affair with her husband, and he appreciated it.

Teresa’s friendship with Jackie, on the other hand, could not be characterised in the same way. Although the two began off well on the show and had intentions off-screen, things went south when the latter sided with Margaret, according to the former.


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