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SEE: Holey Moley contestant “Kasey Nicholson” impressed fans with his comic moonwalk moves

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Kasey Nicholson



Holey Moley season 4 with Kasey Nicholson gave viewers some amazing things to watch, most notably his comic moonwalk moves. While the ABC show has premiered its season 4 of Holey Moley. The very first episode of it has already given an amazing contestant to watch. Yes, that’s Kasey Nicholson. But why is he going so popular?

Read ahead to know more about Holey Moley season 4 with Kasey Nicholson.

Who is Kasey Nicholson?

Kasey Nicholson who is grabbing a lot of attention after the first episode of Holey Moley season 4. His profile states that he is from Billings, Montana. Also, it is stated that he is a trainer at Native Wellness Institute. Apart from that, he is known to be a motivational speaker as well.

Additionally, Kasey is also a grass dancer, husband, and father. Professionally he is a comedian as well. More to it, his profile even says that he loves teaching and sharing positive changes for the tribal community. Lately, however, he is grabbing attention for appearing on Holey Moley season 4.

Kasey Nicholson and his comic moonwalk moves

With eight golfers as the finalist in the episode of Holey Moley. Viewers liked Kasey Nicholson a lot on the premiere of the ABC show. While Kasey came up in round 2 of the second team. He even defeated the opponent David and moved ahead in the episode 1 final.

Later he faced Jamie Jacobs. However, it isn’t the participation of Kasey that’s loved by the viewers. Rather it’s his comic moonwalk moves that’s winning the hearts of all. In fact, his appearance made him show as a mini-golf player. Alongside this viewers came to know he is an amazing entertainer as well.

Viewers’ reaction to Kasey Nicholson

It was certainly Kasey Nicholson and his game at the ABC premiere show episode that everyone just couldn’t miss. Right from the first round, viewers of the show just loved Kasey’s performance. As he even appeared in the third round in a cowboy look. His hard-to-do moonwalk left everyone laughing at it.


In fact, viewers even talked about his weird moonwalk moves on social media. Not to miss during the game, there was a segment where Kasey’s feet touched the water which was again caught by the viewers. Some even commented on social media that Kasey’s feet touched the water and that should have made him eliminated.


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