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Calgary Hospital: Protest Against ‘Medical Tyranny’ Held Outside The Hospital

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Calgary Hospital medical tyranny

Calgary Hospital: On Monday, some Canadian Frontline Nurses and staff organized a protest against vaccine mandates by the government in Canada. They called this step a “medical tyranny” of the government.

The rally took place in front of Calgary’s Foothills Medical Centre. The protesters claim that mandating vaccines for everyone including health care workers and others is an infringement of their basic rights of freedom. Hence, they named this rally a protest for National Health Freedom Movement.

Protesters’ Claims

A large number of protesters rallied outside the Calgary hospital to safeguard their rights. According to the protesters, a gap is building between the ‘vaxxed’ and ‘unvaxxed’ people. The people who are not taking vaccines are slowly being sidelined by society. Therefore, the compulsion to get vaccine jab by the government is making a divide in society. One of the protesters said, “They are not allowed to speak, we are only allowed to say one point of view and I don’t think that’s right.”

The protesters claim that in a democracy everyone should have the right to decide what to do and what not to. Hence, the government can not dictate them. Whereas, another protester Trevor Simpson said that the government was forcing them to take the vaccination jab. Thus, they demanded that government should not dictate the people to take vaccines. Thus, it should be their choice.

medical tyranny

What does Police says?

According to the police, the protesters are creating chaos outside the Calgary hospital. They are using violent means to protest. One of the officers of the Calgary Police Service said that they respect people’s right to protest. But, they would not tolerate any kind of actions that can cause discomfort to the patients.

The CPS also said that they have talked to the protest organizers to keep everything in control. Meanwhile, they have also called for more officers at the spot.

On the other hand, Alberta Health Services acknowledge the fact that they would not tolerate any kind of intimidation or bullying of patients. They are “extremely disappointed” with the protesters. AHS has also installed fences to protect its staff members and patients.

What does others think of protest?

While everyone acknowledges the people’s right to protest but creating chaos in hospital is completely not acceptable. AHS too said that their healthcare workers are working day and night in this unprecedented time of COVID-19


Meanwhile, AHS also said,” If you oppose masking, vaccinations, or any other measures taken to prevent COVID-19 transmission, that is your right, but to target health care workers with anger and vitriol is not accepted.” The protesters blocked the way of an ambulance which is “definitely not peaceful”.

Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu showed his opposition towards the protest. In his tweet, he mentioned that police should intervene if necessary. He considers protesting outside the Calgary hospital as unethical.

Whereas, Elle O’Greysik who is a nurse educator at Macewan University also gave her statement. She said, “It causes a lot of anger when you find that you have an unvaccinated patient.” Adding to it, She also said that despite having the opportunity to get vaccines and stay well, people are protesting against it.

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