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Pokemon Journeys Episode 67 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 67

Pokemon Journeys Episode 67: Pokémon Journeys (2019): The Series is currently streaming on Netflix with a 6.3 IMDB rating. The first season was premiered on November 17, 2019, TV Tokyo. In the United States, it was premiered from June 12, 2020 to March 5, 2021 on Netflix.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 66: Recap

Pokemon Journeys episode 66 was released on May 14, 2021, titled Flabébé White Flower. 

The episode begins as our heroes are just watering some Flowers in Cerise Laboratory, Goh’s Floette baby who are racing start evolving. Its fourth Floette babies though not five because his white Floette baby not in the mix. When he does find it it’s struggling to fly. Goh finds out pretty quickly that it’s lost its pedal. So they decide that in order to find its flower back they’re going to need to go back to Kalos so they all leave. They search in Kalos for the first two days and even though they look all over for it they can’t really find it.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 67

During this time Floette baby keeps wanting to go for walks at night. The first night l iterally wanting to go for a walk. The second night he and Goh go for a walk after Goh catches it trying to get used to flying without a pedal.

 Something important happens at night later in the episode.  

On the third day however Ash they are looking they get a call from Cerise, who they ask for help earlier in the episode. He informs them that he knows someone who knows about Floette babies white Flowers. So they go over to her house it’s a lady who has a Florges. The Florges takes an interest in Goh Floette because particularly that Florges when it was a full baby also lost its flower. 

The Florges goes outside and chose for baby grassy terrain and it growing its own Flowers. The lady tells them that Floette white Flowers have recently been spotted in mountains nearby. So, they use the bus to go over there.  At first, all they find is pink Flowers but since it’s a pink flower that can’t be it so they keep searching.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 67

They keep searching they can’t find anything and it’s night time and Floette baby pulls go back to go to that pink flower. Turns out that when the moonlight hits that flower it blooms white. Goh’s Floette baby finally picks a flower at once and is able to fly again. When all of a sudden, they see another Floette baby this time a small baby for baby picking its own white flower for the first time. The garden where the flower is now though is really small. Now with two Floette babies picking the Flowers there’s only one flower left.  

Early in the episode, we found out that Floette baby Flowers are really hard to grow. So Goh’s Floette baby remembering how Florges used grassy terrain to make its own flower tries to use grassy terrain. It tries and tries and it eventually evolves into a Flabébé. Once it evolves it successfully uses grassy terrain and raises another two Flowers that have yet to bloom.

It looks at the flower an earlier in the episode when Goh was looking at Florges it talked about how Florges and Floette tend to and protect the flower gardens that they made.  

Pokemon Journeys Episode 67

So Goh knows that he has to let this white flower Floette go because it also wants to protect the garden it made now. The episode ends with Goh crying,  Floette crying as everyone says goodbye to Floette as it drifts off to protect its flower garden. 

Pokémon Journeys Episode 67: Release Date & Where to Watch

Pokemon 2019/ Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 67 will be released upcoming Friday, May 21, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST titled “Pikachu the Suspect?!“.

Where to Watch? you can watch all-new episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The series online streaming on Netflix. Pokémon Journeys Episode 68 will be released on May 28, 2021.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 67: Preview 

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