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Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 6

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: It is an adaptation of manga series written by Yasuyuki Mutō and directed by Koichi Hatsumi. The first episode of Tokyo Revengers was premiered on April 11, 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: Recap

Takemichi is back in the past. The final piece of the puzzle is the mysterious death of Draken’s girlfriend, Marie. The Tokyo Manji gang is in crisis, with a new leader emerging who has the power to control shadows. Our hero’s companion, Draken, has been framed for murder. Takemichi wants Draken out of danger and to restore the peaceful status quo. The legacy of the past hangs in the balance, but Takemichi’s resolve is strong and he will not give up on his goals. One minute, he’s wondering why he just found a half-naked girl in a karaoke booth—okay, that’s not so strange. But the next second, he’s facing death sentence no. 194 at the hands of his crazy host club boss!


Tokyo Revengers Episode 6

After several hours of waiting in the car, it looks like Hina’s lack of patience is going to pay off. She witnesses a blushing, flustered Nene lean into Takemichi at the local cafe.Jonah and Emma are worried that a new villain has shown up. Their thoughts get cut short when an explosion occurs, sending them into the fight.

The Manji is regarded as a protective symbol in Eastern philosophies. While the Nazis twisted the symbol for their own use, its origin and meaning are rooted in protective energies. Now you can have that symbol with you every day as a reminder to be brave and free. More than just the Toman gang, this sequence is the arrival of an evil force in Rio de Janeiro. As the various factions battle, the citizens tremble in fear.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6

It’s a stalemate situation. The pro becomes a victim when the client tries to get away with her kid’s college fund and the cops intervene. As cops descend, Mikey turns to the girl and her daughter. The plot twist that leads the main characters to investigate a serial killer is a sudden and dramatic introduction to the darker side of the world Takemichi inhabits. Mikey resists the urge to get into a confrontation with Draken. He stops himself from rising to the bait and refuses to have an argument.


Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 will be released on coming Saturday, 15 May 2021 at 12 PM PDT on Crunchyroll.

Central Time: 2 PM CDT, 15 May

Eastern Time: 3 PM EDT, 15 May

British Time: 8 PM BST, 15 May

European Time: 9 PM CEST, 15 May

Philippine Time:  3 AM PHT, 16 May

Korea Time: 4 AM KST, 16 May

Australia Time: 4: 30 AM ACST, 16 May


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