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Pokémon Journeys Episode 63 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Pokémon Journeys Episode 63

Pokémon Journeys Episode 63: The Season was first premiered on TV Tokyo on 17 November 2019. In the United States, the series released on streaming services on 12, June 202 on Netflix. The series is also known as the Pokemon 2019 series.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 63: Release Date & Where to Watch

Pokemon 2019/Pokémon Journeys Episode 63 will be released upcoming Friday, April 23, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. The title of episode 63 is “Challenge! Pokémon Marine Athletic!!“.

Where to Watch? you can watch all-new episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The series online streaming on Netflix. Pokémon Journeys Episode 64 will be released on April 30, 2021.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 62: Recap

Pokémon Journeys Episode 62 was released on April 16, 2021, titled Damp Jimereon.

The episode begins with our heroes being interviewed on television for being research fellows that are so young and While that’s happening Goh Sobble is still aiming to be an inteleon. So it’s around shooting things from the air like leaves before protecting the other from getting hit by Berry falling down.


Pokémon Journeys Episode 63

This causes its evolution as the interview for heroes and they’re outside saying goodbye to the reporters. This might be one of the first times where a major evolution happens for one of the main characters pokemon and they aren’t there to see it.

It’s an interesting way to approach evolution and this is really fantastic due to the context of the rest of the episode. Sobble thought that it was going to immediately evolve into an inteleon but when it evolves into a drizzle he gets really depressed. The episode is basically it’s sulking around being upset at the fact that it’s depressing and Goh and Ash and the rest of his pokemon trying to find out.

When they do eventually find him in a cave Goh tries to tell him hey snap out of it and pulled him out of The Cave only for the Drizzle to run away. Goh is obviously hurt by that and they do find out that one certain Pokémon evolved their personalities can change and that seemed to have been with Sobble to Drizzle similar to how it had been with Scorbunny to Raboot.


Pokémon Journeys Episode 63

In this case, however, it ran away and Goh can’t really figure out why that is until he thinks about his own childhood when he was a kid he didn’t really know how to make friends I want to be friends with people. His teachers would keep questioning him why and he really wouldn’t know how to answer. He realizes this is what must be happening to drizzle so he goes to the same place that he used to go as a kid and finds Drizzle there.

He talks about his experiences as a child and talks about the fact that he’s going to have to Drizzle space. Whenever Drizzle is ready to come back to Goh, he’ll be there ready. They go home and the next day when they check The Cave again Drizzle’s in his cave.

Pokémon Journeys Episode 63: Preview


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