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Boruto Naruto Next Generations: Is Ninjutsu Dead in The Series

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Boruto and Naruto Rasengan Ninjutsu

On December 17, 2016, there at Naruto & Boruto onstage appearance at Jump Festa, revealed that perhaps the anime story will convert into an animation project. Which was likewise ensured to be a tv show adaption with an original narrative. The manga begins with a young Boruto Uzumaki confronting an adversary named Kawaki. At the starting of Naruto, Ninjutsu was the only form, but in the current state is Ninjutsu dead; Let’s explore.

During the devastation of his town. And then continues with a reenactment of scenes from Boruto: Naruto the Movie with fresh features. Boruto, the child of the Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. Is enraged at his dad’s preference for the community above his household. Boruto, together with Sarada Uchiha, joins a ninja squad commanded by Naruto’s disciple Konohamaru Sarutobi at the period.

The main theme and core of Naruto was Ninjutsu and further the central element of the Naruto series. But with the increase in the number of competitors in the series in Boruto. It seems like the efficiency and effect of Ninjutsu are decreasing. So the question that arises is that Is the form Dead in The Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series?

Lets’s look into further details to estimate and clarify this statement.

What is Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu is among the three primary types of Jutsu in the Naruto series. The form is perhaps the most ambiguous of the three and can be defined as something other than Genjutsu or Taijutsu. Usually, ninjutsu needs chakra and hand sealing. However, this has not always been the situation because just wielding a weapon classifies as ninjutsu. Medical ninjutsu, reincarnation ninjutsu, space-time ninjutsu, barrier ninjutsu. Furthermore, we have sealing jutsu, cursed seal Jutsu, and sensory ninjutsu are only a few of the sub-classifications of ninjutsu.

Naruto Rasengan Ninjutsu

It has been the main focus of the Naruto series, being the central element. Often these ninjutsu employ shape transition. Which is concerned with managing the ninjutsu’s appearance and motion. Whereas environment transition is concerned with modifying the ninjutsu’s physical attributes. Nature transition ninjutsu is often named by their nature kind, accompanied by a more particular term. Several ninjutsu could become part of the routine of a ninja. With practice and expertise, in order to perform them freely.


History of Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu is the corrupted application of the Sage of the Six Paths’ ninshu. Which was initially established by his son, Indra. Instead of using chakra to attain enlightenment and harm ony, as the Sage meant, mankind weaponized their chakra for violence. Shinobi gradually began to think that Hagoromo, instead of his oldest son, was indeed the creator of the form.


The death of Ninjutsu in Boruto

There has been a gradual downfall of the form in Boruto. In the overall series, things seem to be dull for Ninjutsu. Though the series signifies the prominence of the form in various Ninja exams and used by common Ninja. But if we look at the bigger picture of this. We can see that how the form is inefficient against various characters in the Boruto series.

Code Momoshiki Delta

Code: Code has been proclaimed to be powerful than Delta. Demonstrating the breadth of his authority. Amado has likewise enhanced his physique, providing him significant strength than what most humans generally have. Ninjutsu method was readily defeated by Code.

Momoshiki: Momoshiki has the potential to be much more deadly than Kaguya. That’s telling a lot since Kaguya has been the most dangerous creature Team 7 had ever with them. So it needed all three among them to hold her down. Momoshiki further claims that he’d have beaten Kaguya alone, demonstrating his true might. Momoshiki effortlessly absorbed all Ninjutsu techniques.

Delta: Delta is among Kara’s rare female staff, and she is no beginner in combat. Kawaki is terrified just by her existence, which demonstrates how dangerous she really is. She also goes up against Naruto and therefore is capable of holding her own. Delta’s physique, like virtually every other Inner of Kara, has been modified by Amado’s Shinobi-Ware. However, unlike many others, she nearly passes as a cyborg. Owing to the number of advancements she receives. She was unaffected by Ninjutsu.

So, do you think in this era Ninjutsu will be sufficient to beat these stronger characters?

The Evolution Taijutsu

Taijutsu is a fundamental method that encompasses all techniques involving martial arts or the enhancement of inherent human talents. Taijutsu is performed by actively tapping into the user’s mentally and physically gained energy. Depending on endurance and power developed through training. It’s doesn’t generally require chakra.

However, chakra can be utilized to improve its skills. Taijutsu, unlike ninjutsu or genjutsu, typically does not require hand seals to accomplish. Instead of relying on specific postures or positions. In simple terms, Taijutsu is hand-to-hand combat.


Whilst virtually every ninja utilizes it. But just a handful of them, such as Rock Lee as well as his master Might Guy. They really are specialists in numerous taijutsu skills, use this as their main combat method. Dynamic Entry, as well as Leaf Whirlwind, are two taijutsu methods.

The Hyga group’s Gentle Fist, on the other hand, makes considerable usage of chakra and requires tremendous expertise to manage. Taijutsu methods are ideal for individuals who wish to conserve time and chakra. As well as all who depend on their physical capabilities. It could also be utilized together with ninjutsu to develop nintaijutsu. tactics.

In the Boruto series, we have seen a lot of skilled usage of this underrated technique Taijutsu.


Looking at the Boruto series we can comprehend that Ninjutsu has become comparatively weaker though it is not completely dead. It will be still the main technique for Ninjas and helpful in evaluation during Chunin exams. Moreover, Boruto too will use the form to fight off his opponents.

But the future of Ninjutsu in Boruto’s era is dull. It is not wrong if we say that Taijutsu and Sword-based techniques. But we need to evaluate all this in the period of Karma. With the previous episode of Boruto: Naruto next generation we can estimate that there will be more powerful characters. With their own techniques and Karma.

The pedestrian of Ninjutsu will somehow be degraded in the series further.


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