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Is Kawaki The Villain Of Boruto? The Boruto & Kawaki Timeskip Betrayal Explained

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Kawaki and Boruto

Boruto Naruto: Next Generations started with a storyline that made us believe that Kawaki would be the real villain in the series. But as we move further with the series, this has come under doubt! People are asking questions- Is Kawaki really a villain? In this, article, we will try to understand whether Kawaki is going to be the villain or not. If NOT, then why?

As the series went further and more episodes were released, the image of Kawaki is changing in the minds of people. From the recent episodes, we saw that Kawaki has started to worship Naruto. In this situation, how can Kawaki be a villain? Or if he is, then Is Kawaki going to betray Naruto to kill him? In chapter 62 of Boruto Naruto: Next Generations, things are going to change. It will give us a clear image of what exactly will happen as it is unlikely that Kawaki will be the main villain of the series.

What does Chapter 62 tells us Kawaki?

The manga series is always full of turns and twists. It was always accepted that such a twist could be there. If I look from the beginning, the character of Kawaki is more like Hitachi who is neither a villain nor a hero supporter. He is a kind of anti-hero character who does things even worse things in the series but his role is not going to be that central. Thus, he would remain in a chaotic position throughout the series.


Chapter 62 of Boruto Naruto: Next Generations told us a full plan of Code. Through this, we got to know what Code was trying to do. He tried to bring the divinatory to kill everyone. Thus, he was trying to tree to take the Chakra fruit which will help him to reach the doom of planet earth. Therefore, this was the basic Otsutuki plan. Code also wants to bring the legacy of Isshiki Otsutsuki, thus he wanted to fulfill the wish of his god. But this is not going to work as the only way to survive the event was to go to another universe.


Therefore, if someone has to survive this difficult situation then it is the only way left. This gives us a hint about Kawaki. So, this shows that he would not betray Naruto. Moreover, he is going to get crazy owing to his devotion towards Naruto. Therefore, no matter what the situation will be but he will protect Naruto. Hence, Kawaki is going to save Naruto’s life maybe by sending him to a pocket dimension. He will give his best to do so because he is well aware of the fact that code will try hard to kill Naruto.



Therefore, further, in the episode, you will get to see that Kawaki will fail to save everyone especially Naruto. His one drastic step will prove to be very dangerous for him. He had taken the power of Karma which he hated the most once. However, despite having good intentions, he failed in his mission. Thus, he claimed that this would mark the age of Shinobi. Kawaki believed that Naruto is the only thing in his life he has to save. Thus, his love and dedication led him to do such crazy things. Now, it does not matter for him if he gets arrested or killed. As his final resolution, Kawaki will visit Otsutsuki.


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