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Naruto Anime Series: Interesting Facts About Naruto You Didn’t Know

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Interesting Facts About Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki, a young Ninja, wants to become head of the village; he seeks recognition from his friends to become Hokage! This anime character has some interesting facts you might not know.

Naruto’s franchise became famous manga and anime. Its popularity goes in all sorts of art. This includes novels, video games, live shows, movies, and sequel series. Importantly, Naruto’s character starts in the 1990s. 

A short intro to Naruto; he is a pre-teen who has no family. After 20 years, he becomes a trained spiritual successor and sees his son become a hero. Even though, Naruto is a lead in a massive franchise, so, plenty of viewers have to learn about him more, especially from history! 

Apart from this, in this article, we are going to see interesting things about the character Naruto! Spoilers Ahead! Please watch at your own pace. Let’s go!

Chōza Akimichi hates Naruto:

When Naruto is hated by everyone around him, only two people support him; they are Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara. Whereas, Choji’s father literally hated Naruto. There is an image in Naruto Chapter 1, Page Number 36; Chōza orders his team that, “Naruto is a dangerous person, if you see him, kill him!” 

Interesting Facts About Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto had so much dedication; went on honeymoon after 10 years:

Due to more work (writing weekly series requires assistants and staff members) more bulk work completely fans upon one individual, even though they have working people for them. This does not include work for anime, video games, and movies (hence, more work stress, more days)

Shortly mentioning, Masashi devoted his life to his job. This led to postponing his honeymoon after 10 years. Masashi was married in the year 2003, he spent his time completely on his work and so When Naruto ended in 2014, he went on 2014, literally a decade later. 


References from Dragon Balls:

According to manga artists who especially work on the Action\Battle genre, that artist Masashi Kishimoto gets his inspirations. That is how he heavily got inspired by Dragon Ball Z. No surprise, this is a famous Cultural Phenomenon in Japan especially in the 1990s. 

When creating his own manga, Masashi decides to incorporate various references from Dragon Ball Z. We will know about some of it.

Number one, the mask of Chiaotzu; this was initially sold in fair. And the response made the series come up with a new form of characters directly from Dragon Ball Z. 

Interesting Facts About Naruto

Also, Naruto’s world is full of nine powerful demons. Based on each real animal, and with the number of tails it equals its power. This is a complicated way of dealing. To overcome this, there is an effective way. This is to seal them within the living human being, as they can live as long as the human lives. Now the interesting part is, Roshi the old man he contained within him is a four-tailed animal, a monkey, aka Son Goku. Regarding Dragon Ball Z, Master Roshi is also a mentor to Goku. Now, Goku could change into a giant ape and carry a Dragon Ball that has four stars with it. 

The Censorship:

In the manga, as it is also a child viewing series, Censorship became a rule. Yet, this can widely vary that depending on the place we live and the product the country is making. When it comes to American TV series, people there are cool with gun violence, etc. Likewise, in Japan, even video games are strictly regulated and make sure there is no violence is available. 

Likewise, this happens for the character of Asuma in Naruto. Asuma always depicts with a cigarette in his mouth. But, this caused some actual problems, so they have also tried to edit as more as possible. Instead of editing that, they edited the lit position of the cigarette. This actually means, he carries a cigarette but he never lights it. 

How Naruto going to end:

Naruto and Sasuke consider themselves equal competitors. But, what Kishimoto actually knows, these two people are going into a brotherhood bond. Yet, he is a savant in taking this brotherhood into reality to Naruto and Sasuke. This is to say, he did a really good job there. 


One-Piece Cover:

On the cover of the 766th chapter, One Piece depicts a reference of two characters sharing a meal on the cover. There is a hidden reference of One Piece’s Nami, who is wearing the clothing pattern that contains Konohagakure’s symbol. Also, the clothing design depicts Naruto himself. Also, One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy enjoys Ramen instead of Naruto.

Interesting Facts About Naruto

Hindu Mythology in Naruto:

First off, The Chakra, the name and the concept is completely based on Hindu Mythology. Also, the 8 gates mention the Rock Lee and Guy Sensei; are nothing but the 7 chakras, whereas the 8th chakras are the “Death Gate”. Furthermore, Garuda, Asuras are all about Hindu mythology. 

Naruto could be a Giant Fox:

Kishimoto originally started with the character Naruto as a fox, and his father is also a fox. But, this seems to be completely opposite to what was planned before right? Yes, Kishimoto started the plan of writing a story of a human-turning-fox character naming Naruto and his father is a fox who destroys the whole village. 

Yes, as of now we saw all about interesting facts Kishimoto thought of and some references and with some hidden details. Hope you are surprised more than before. Thanks for reading completely!


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