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Pokemon Journeys Episode 85 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 85

Pokemon Journeys Episode 85 introduces Lucario vs. Haribogue, featuring Goh, Ash, as well as the other characters witnessing the battle between the two huge Pokemon. After postponing the previous episode, Pokemon Journeys has returned to its regular schedule.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 84: Recap

Pokemon Journeys Episode 84 starts with Corni meeting Ash as well as his companions just after the duel and got multiple compliments from Ash. Corni’s grandfather came along as well, reminding her to act like just a Gym Leader. Corni wanted to have a good time, but her grandfather was just too strict with her to let the famous Gym Leader grow up. He inquires as to whether Goh has still been pursuing his desire of collecting Pokemon. Goh nods and expresses gratitude for his assistance the previous time they visited. Gramps applauds Ash on his advancement to the Hyper Class. Ash and Corni discussed their upcoming battle, and Ash expressed his desire to Mega Evolve Lucario.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 85

Ash also discussed achieving and progressing it through Hyper Class, as well as graduating to Master’s Programme. Lucario concurs that they might attain their objectives. The two Lucarios locked gazes. Another on Ash’s team notices that Corni’s Lucario has evolved and also that he is now on a higher level. Eventually, the team gets Mega Glove, while Goh is relieved that perhaps the KeyStone was also delivered. Ash donned the Mega Glove and saw wonders as Lucario progressed through Mega Transformation. Gramps explains that even a Pokemon to undergo Mega Evolution, the owner’s KeyStone as well as the Pokemon’s Mega Stone must both reverberate.


They require a Lucarionite for Lucario, which is why his Mega Evolution is lacking. Ash and Lucario are advised by Gramps to embark on a journey in search of the Lucarionite. He is, however, pleased that Ash obtained KeyStone, which has improved Lucario’s Brilliance. Lucario starts to detect Lucarionite and signals Ash to assist him in his search. Lucario was aiming at Mega Island, Corni informed the team. The team locates Lucarionite and assists him with his Mega Evolution.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 84

Pokemon Journeys Episode 85: Spoilers

Goh also caught a variety of Mega Stone Pokemons including Mega Stones throughout their expedition. After being lost in a mystery region, they had a variety of interactions that provide them with fresh adventures. Ash reappears, having obtained Lucarinite, and proceeds on with his other travels.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 85

Pokemon Journeys Episode 85: Release Date and Time

Pokemon 2019 or Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 85 is all set to release Friday, October 29, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 85 will be “Rival Showdown! Satoshi vs. Saito!!

“. Episode 85 Title in Japanese: ライバル決戦!サトシVSサイトウ!!.

The other time zones for the release of Pokemon Journeys Episode 85 are below:

  • Pacific Time: 2:55 AM on Friday, PT
  • Central Time: 4:55 AM on Friday, CT
  • British Time: 10:55 AM on Friday, BST
  • Eastern Time: 5:55 AM on Friday, ET
  • Australian Time: 8:55 PM on Friday, AUS Time
  • European Time: 11:55 AM on Friday, ET

Where to Watch?

On Friday, you may stream Pokemon Journeys Episode 85 on Pokemon TV and Netflix. Pokemon Journeys Episode85 is available on Youtube Account (Playlist) and Amazon Prime Video UK. Pokemon 2019 is returning after just a brief hiatus due to the delayed broadcast of Episode 84. Each week, Netflix releases the most recent dubbed episodes of Pokemon Journeys.


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