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Sylvia Chan’s Boyfriend: Who is The Very Important Person? Is he Aiken Chia?

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Sylvia Chan's Boyfriend

Does everybody want to know who is Sylvia Chan’s boyfriend? Sylvia Chan is the founder of Night Owl Cinematics. She recently parted ways with her husband, Ryan Tan. The reason behind it is their growing dissimilarity, lack of understanding, and lack of personal space.
At a very young age, Sylvia became a model. When she was a model at the age of 16, she meet Ryan Tan. The two became good friends. Later, Chan catches feelings for Ryan when he helped her to confront his ex-boyfriend, who used to have Sylvia’s money.
Sylvia Chan appeared in an interview in 2015, where she revealed her relationship with Ryan Tan. At the age of 22, she married Ryan Tan in 2010. But now they both broke up their marriage. So, fans are waiting to know who’s she dating now? Let’s move further to know more about it.

Who is Sylvia Chan?

Sylvia Chan was born in Malaysia and grew up in Johor Bahru in Kampong Saleng. She completed her education in Malaysia and for further education, she moved to Singapore. Chan went to Nanyang Girl’s High School in Singapore. She completed her secondary school education at Anglo Chinese Junior College. At the age of 16, she was a model. Chan is also a YouTuber with 990,000 subscribers. She has approximately 228k followers on Instagram.


Who is Sylvia Chan’s dating?

Sylvia Chan has finally found the man of her love life. Yes, she’s dating a mystery man. Chan didn’t reveal her name nor his pictures publicly. Though her separation from Ryan Tan was very shocking news for all the fans. They still couldn’t believe that they got separated. Chan and Ryan were such a power couple. All the fans were in tears after hearing their separation news. But, as we know everything happens for a reason.

Recently, Sylvia Chan’s revealed that she’s dating someone. So, now you all can see her pretty smile on her face. Chan is really in love with someone. She’s really happy in her life with her new mystery man. On 6th June 2021, Chan posted on her social media that “Today, a very important person told me that he loves me. This might be the happiest day of my life. OMG.”
This statement confirms that she’s also into him and loves him. But didn’t reveal his name yet. It’s yet to be disclosed.

Is she dating Aiken Chia?

Many fans think that she’s dating Aiken Chia but this is not true. Aiken Chia is not her mystery man. Chan’s boyfriend loves playing video games and he has already placed a PS4 in her home. This shows he is interested in Chan and loves to spend some quality time with her. Chan’s boyfriend called her ‘FAT.’ He wants her to be fit and healthy. And this way he motivated her to be fit and to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Sylvia Chan's Boyfriend

Chan’s boyfriend is very caring and loving. He is very supportive of Chan. He takes care of Chan like a baby. The mystery man called her Fat and buy her so many healthy products so that she can focus on her health. He motivates her a lot. He also loves to take good pictures of Chan. He has really good photography skills. The mystery man not only takes care of her but also he’s very caring towards her cat Yummy and her pet Porky. But yes, she’s not dating Aiken Chia for sure.


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