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Windows 11: Top 5 new features and Changes by Microsoft

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Windows 11 Features

For a very long time, users are excited to get their hands on Windows 11. Windows 11 will commence a new era of changes for Microsoft fans. On June 24, Microsoft big event was held. In that event, the company announced the launch of the new Windows 11. There will be a lot of new features which users can experience. Windows 11 will take up the place of Windows 10. So, here are some of the new features instilled in Windows 11:-

1. Snap Layouts and Snap Groups-

Windows 11 Features

In today’s era, multitasking plays an important role in one’s life. Every other person is involved in multitasking at a time. Keeping this in mind, Windows 11 is all set to take multitasking to the next level. This will be done through Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. It will help users to arrange the opened windows into different layouts. For example, one can arrange two windows side by side or can use layouts to place them on top of each other. Snap Layouts will divide the real screen between different apps. On the other hand, Snap Groups will take the layout and make the group of it. Grouping helps one to minimize layouts and then bring them up in one go. 


2. Enhanced Widgets-

Windows 11 Features
Windows 11 Features (Enhanced Widgets)

Windows 11 will provide a new feature in the taskbar. That feature is ‘ News and Interests’ in which different news will be shown to users. It will provide customizable information on one’s feed. Different sections of Widgets will provide different work. Like, the AI-powered Widgets section will give information about news, weather, to-do list, your calendar things, and many others. Widgets had the potential to become a staple Windows feature for the future.

3. New Microsoft Store-

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft promised its users about the speed, responsiveness, and reliability of the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. It will include a new design and a better search system. Earlier, the store on Windows 10 wasn’t much popular. Many people even don’t use it. But it seems the company has worked on it and Windows 11 will contain a better Microsoft Store.

4. New virtual Desktops-

virtual Desktops
Windows 11 Features (New virtual Desktops)

PC users often complain about desktops. They complain that it’s difficult to keep the desktop tidy. But these new virtual desktops will solve this problem. It will create separate desktops for different purposes. If one wants to do programming and gaming on a single day itself. So, with the help of virtual desktops, one can create two desktops i.e. one for programming and the other for gaming. One can use them easily by moving from one desktop to another in the taskbar. Virtual desktops will be loved by many.

5. A Built-in Microsoft Teams-

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an essential part of one’s work life. Windows 11 will come up with Microsoft Teams built into OS unlike Windows 10. One will be able to use Team App from the taskbar only. Also, it will help to reach out to people across Windows, IOS, macOS, and Android. 


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