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Apple Watch Series 7 is out now! Everything you need to know – Find out here!

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Apple Watch Series 7 launched

Apple Watch lovers out there! The New model’s eighth iteration (Series 7) is finally out! On Tuesday, the “California Streaming” event launched the Series 7 model. This 8th iteration is launched by the Cupertino giant in 2015(1st generation)

This whole article is about all you need to know about this new launch. Let’s go!

Apple Watch Series 7: Features and Specifications

Apple Watch Series 7 has an ideal redesign over its last series 6 (launched last year). The borders are 1.7 mm thin. These borders are 40% thinner than Series 6. This is because; the display area maximizes the display area which in turn can change the dimension of the watch. This is the most largest-ever display of a 45 mm size variant. Also, a 41 mm option for display is available. This new model offers 20% more screen area (40-44 mm) than the previous one (Series 6). Also, this model is 50% more when comparing with the older version Series 3. 

Apple Watch Series 7 launched

As same as the previous model, Series 7 also has an always-on Retina display. However, a slight variation is that the brightness is 70% higher in indoors than the previous model (series 6)


Also, with a single charge, this series 7 watch can last up to 18 hours. This completely differs from the last model. However, Apple claims that this version provides 33% faster charging.  


  • 20% More Screen Area
  • 1.7mm Boarders
  • New UI
  • 40% Thinner Than Series 6
  • 70% Brighter
  • Crack Resistant
  • Dust Resistant
  • IPX6X for Dust Resistant
  • 33% Faster Charge

Apple Watch Series 7: Health and Fitness Aspects

Apple Watch’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is its health and fitness attributes. As there are no ideal add-on features to its updated version. But, all the common features are available for this Series too! 

Moreover, This Apple Watch Series tracks blood saturation (oxygen) levels using a Blood Oxygen Sensor. This Series also includes the electrical heart rate sensor (first introduced on Apple’s Series 4). This detects atrial fibrillation (AFib) and produces an ECG report. 

Apple Watch Series 7 launched

The watchOS 8 was introduced in June in WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2021. The watchOS 8 is the updated version for this series 7. Also, OS 8 is out-of-the-box(can use immediately after opening). This watchOS 8 comes with an upgraded Breathe app. Breathe App called “Mindfulness” to enhance wellness physically as well as mentally. This is also capable of tracking sleep with sleeping respiration rate and sleep shifts. 

The style of Series 7:

This Apple Watch has two types of watch faces. The Contour and the Modular Duo show the wrist rate lively. 

Furthermore, Series 7 has larger font sizes with a new QWERTY keyboard display. By tapping or swiping with the QuickPath option, lets the user slide the finger to type the letters further. 

Apple Watch Series 7 launched

This version comes with IP6X-certified built which means for the dust resistance and WR50 means water-resistant. This model combines with a Magnetic Fast Charger called a USB-C cable. This cable supports all the Apple wristbands from previous designs. 

Price and Availability in India:

In the US, Apple Watch Series 7 GPS is available for $399 (₹29,400). Whereas, In India, Apple Watch Series 7 GPS with Cellular option is available for $499 (around Rs. 36,800). The colors include Midnight, Starlight, Green, Red, and New Blue. 

Moreover, the pricing and availability details are yet to be released. Previously, Series 6 (last year) was available for the same price as this year’s price in India and the US. 

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