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Fight between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor at MTV VMA 2021 Video Gets Viral

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Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor

As Conor McGregor dives toward Machine Gun Kelly at MTV VMA 2021 on Sunday night, the video gets viral.

A heated fight takes place between UFC Champ Conor McGregor and Rapper Machine Gun Kelly at Video Music Awards. The quarrel started on the red carpet just when the show was about to broadcast at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

According to sources, McGregor tried to approach Kelly for a picture. McGregor who was the presenter at the show was not allowed to do so. The security guards of Kelly denied him. Later, when Kelly was waiting for his photoshoot on the red carpet, he tried again. Then the guards pushed him back.

Furthermore, an observer stated that Kelly lashed out at MMA Fighter, and the latter felt a push. According to him, he dropped his stick and got enraged. Moreover, McGregor started yelling something like “that effin’ punk punched me.”

Further sources explained that when McGregor felt the push, his drink fell. Inflamed McGregor threw the left drink at Kelly. Later, he stepped towards Kelly when the security guards intervened.


According to one of the sources, it was being very difficult for security guards to handle the situation. The MMA Fighter was ready to punch Kelly and the situation was going out of control.

Everyone was pleading with McGregor to calm down. When everything was sorted, Kelly along with his girlfriend Megan Fox went for their photoshoot on the carpet. Megan was looking stunning in Mugler dress. After the event, Kelly posted a picture and wrote “I found a mermaid” in the caption.

Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor

What actually happened?

Later, reporters asked McGregor what happened on the red carpet. He replied “nothing” happened and he doesn’t fight with “little vanilla boy rappers”. Adding to it, McGregor also said that he doesn’t know the guy itself.

On the other hand, when reporters asked Kelly about the quarrel, he didn’t comment anything. Whereas, Megan said, “We’re not allowed to say.” However, one of the representatives of McGregor denied the rumour that her client asked for any picture.

Moreover, one of the VMA’s attendees recorded the video of the fight which went viral on Twitter. But, there is no past rivalry between McGregor and Kelly. The latter even attended his UFC 260 fight in Los Vegas.

Kelly was present on Sunday night to perform his new song “Papercuts” before the VMA audience. Earlier, his performance was kept at the beginning of the event but then, it was shifted to the end of the broadcast. However, it is uncertain for everyone what was the reason to do so. Why they made last-minute changes? Has it something to do with the quarrel? Write your views in the comment section below.


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