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Should I buy iPhone 13 or wait for iPhone 14?

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iPhone 14

iPhone 13 has brilliant features and there’s no doubt in saying that it’s worth every penny. But, iPhone is about to release its latest version which is supposed to be called iPhone 14. There will be more additional features and updates in it. So, if you want to upgrade your smartphone then, should you go for iPhone 13 or wait for iPhone 14?

iPhone never fails to impress its customers with its new versions. However, the other versions are also fantastic. If we look at iPhone 12 series then we can list iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 pro max, and iPhone 12. Thus, iPhone offers a large number of options to its customers.

iPhone 14 Rumors: Explored

iPhone series will launch its latest version i.e. iPhone 14 positively by April 2022. However, rumours have started to emerge regarding its features.

The new iPhone 14 will see major changes in its style and especially its camera. It will most probably be based on a classic design. However, no official announcements have been made till now.

Moreover, there is still enough time for the launch of the iPhone 14s, so we can expect some major changes in its model. So, there can be a better processor to improve the battery life and app performance.


Better Efficiency

At the beginning of the second half of 2022, TNMC will produce 3nm chips. These 3nm chips will improve energy efficiency by 30% which means an overall improvement of performance by 15%. However, the TNMC reported that there was a delay in the 3nm timeline, so they will use 4nm chips this time. Hence, in 2022 models, 3nm chips will not be used.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, there will be a vapour chamber thermal system in iPhone 14. Due to strong computing power and fast 5G Speed, the thermal system is very important in iPhone 14.

Better Camera

Though iPhone 13 has fantastic camera features it seems like iPhone 14s will offer better features. There are rumours that next year, Apple will come up with a “folded” telephoto lens in some of its iPhones. A Korean publication The Elec announced this.

Moreover, there are rumours that Apple will keep Samsung Electro-Mechanics out of its supply chain when it will launch its folded zoom camera feature most probably by 2023.

iPhone 14 camera

Better Data Speed

Qualcomm has announced that Snapdragon X65 will be there in new apple smartphones, This will provide iPhone 14 with better data speeds. It offers a speed of 10 Gigabits per second.

The Company also said that this will result in better efficiency and performance for users. It will also provide for better coverage for mmWave and sub-6 GHz bands.

Punch Hole Design in iPhone 14

iPhone 13 has a smaller notch if we compare it with iPhone 12 and thus, it’s not completely removed from this version. Therefore, we can expect a punch-hole design in iPhone 14. If it happens, then the smartphone will show a similar feature with Samsung’s high-end Galaxy phones

. As the Samsung Galaxy phones also possess a punch-hole design.

However, Apple is working hard to eliminate the notch feature from its smartphones. As also confirmed when it got a patent for an under-display camera for biometric authentication. If you enjoyed using iPhone 12 and 13, then you should wait for iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 punch hole

Improved Durability

iPhone 14 is going to have a tougher titanium alloy chassis. Apple is already using titanium in its Watch 6 models and its card. However, this is the first time that Apple will use it on its phones. Till now, Apple used aluminium and stainless steel in all its iPhones.

Using Platinium will help the iPhones to bend easily and will be stronger towards scratches.

Under-Display Biometrics in iPhone 14

Finally, Under-Display Biometrics or Under-Display Face ID will be introduced in the iPhone 14 after several attempts. Analyst Ross Young has also confirmed this. However, we can also get to see both the features in iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 fingerprint

Considering the above-mentioned features of the iPhone 14, it’s worth waiting for this outstanding smartphone if you want to upgrade your mobile.


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