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EU chief Ursula Leyen Calls Military Independence amid new ‘Era of Regional Rivalries’

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Recently, European Commission President, Ursula Von der Leyen gave an hour-long speech. She gave a speech at her annual ” State of European Union” parliamentary address. 

Ursula Von der Leyen Speech important statements-

Ursula Von der Leyen said that there is a new international order where competition is fierce and some nations are stopping at nothing to gain influence. Further, She also talked about the current environment of foreign relations. She called it a new era of hyper-competitiveness. According to her,” the era of new regional rivalries and major powers refocusing their attention towards each other”. She further added,” Recent events in Afghanistan are not the reasons of this change.” She further added, ” Witnessing events unfold in Afghanistan was profoundly painful for all the families of fallen servicemen and servicewomen, Europe can — and clearly should — be able and willing to do more on its own. What we need is the European Defense Union”. She said, “The goals that President Xi has set for China are encouraging. But we call for that same leadership on setting out how China will get there. The world would be relieved if they showed they could peak emissions by mid-decade — and move away from coal at home and abroad,” von der Leyen told lawmakers of China. These are some highlighted statements made by Leyen.


All about China’s climate plan- 

During the whole speech, her main focus is China. Ursula Von der Leyen advised and said many things to China. She advised China to concentrate more on its carbon neutrality plan. However, China has pledged itself to be a car carbon-neutral2060 but Leyen doesn’t consider it enough. She gave orders to all other countries along with China to present their detailed plans of carbon neutrality by November at the COP26 conference. She said that the goals of the president of China are encouraging and everyone should take inspiration from them. It will be great if we get a move away from coal by mid-decade. The EU is planning to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 55% by 2030. This topic is considered as topmost important by her. Because now times, Europeans are facing a heavy problem of high energy bills and gas shortage problem. This problem can become bigger in the coming months if the economy will still faces pandemics. For this, many countries have contributed Like Spain

and Greece. These countries reduced the tax for some time. The climate policy portfolio leader mentioned that If prices rise, then only the fifth part of it will be because of CO2. He further mentioned that they are not in a position to fully rely on fossil fuels and natural gas. 

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