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When Will iPhone 14 be Released? Prices & All The Details We Know

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iPhone 14

As we approach the launch date of the much awaited iPhone 14 Pro, it is hard to believe that there are already leaks and reports regarding the release of the much-awaited model. Today, I would like to share some of the reports with you.

So here are our assumptions and theories about the much-awaited iPhone among the masses.

Well, for one thing, the iPhone 14 model has already been in the works in its design for quite some time. For example, when Apple launched its first-generation IPad in the early 2000s, the device was a prototype for nearly seven years before it went on sale

iPhone 14

Although they are about to release their newest products, Apple is always developing new versions. So, lots of renders and ideas are already flying about. Let’s discuss a few reports and release dates as well as the main things we know so far.

Reports And Theories

According to an insider, no new notch had come as of yet. In fact, it has been 20% smaller. As, for the speaker, it has been moved much higher up so that the camera and the sensors can be squeezed.

According to a Twitter user, John the Apples were walking around with models which had brand new sensors and looked pretty cool.

While, there are other theories, which suggest that the IPhones will be completely notch-less along with a hole-punch camera. Now that sounds really marvelous.

Another famous assumption we came across is that Apple will use similar technology as Samsung but it is going to be improvised.

iPhone 14

And they are going to hide some of the features under the screen and they will be visible only when the user needs them.

iPhone 14 Release Date

Assuming that everything goes well and keeping in mind the grim setback of chances, iPhone 14 should release by the September of 2022. Now you may ask why September? Well, when we go back and ponder over the connection in the release dates of the previous iPhones, we will find one thing in common which is that almost every iPhone Apple ever produced starting from the first one, the release month was always September. We are super excited and totally in awe!


The New Iphone Features

Here is the list of the expected features, considering the theories and the history of Apple when it comes to introducing new features-

iPhone 14

5.4 inch OLED display, 6GB Ram, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage options, A16 Bionic, CPU 4 Efficiency Cores, 2 Performance Cores, 4 Core GPU, Aluminium Body, Dual Camera.

As for the base price, after going over all the aspects it’s going to be $699.

The information provided above may change as per the new revelations by google.


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