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OnePlus and Samsung Trolls Apple on Twitter

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OnePlus Troll

OnePlus trolled Apple iPhone by posting tweets directly attacking Apple iPhone. It’s very rare that any phone manufacturer trolls the main rival so openly. However, in the past few days, we have even seen that and many of us have been a part of it as well.

What made controversy is the recent tweet of Oneplus from its official Twitter account. Oneplus tweeted “I’ve had ____________ for years.” With this, Oneplus asked the users to “fill in the blank with a feature you have had for a while and sent it to your iOS friends.” Hundreds of people started to retweet this.

This resulted in Apple users tweeting in high numbers. One of the iPhone users wrote, “120 Hz screen refresh rate.” to fill the blank as the new iPhone 13 offers a 120 Hz screen refresh rate. To date, no Apple iPhone had this 120 Hz screen refresh rate feature. But it is there in iPhone 13 Pro Max that has delighted the iPhone users. Moreover, another iPhone user wrote, “I’ve had this L+ ratio + irrelevant company for years”. Thus, these iPhone users came in defense of the Apple iPhone.


Furthermore, Samsung also trolled Apple iPhone on 14th September by tweeting “We’ve been refreshing at 120 Hz for a while now…” And the iPhone users roasted Samsung for this tweet. One of the users wrote, “Well that’s your whole thing… introduce every half-baked feature so you can pretend to be “first!” to obscure the fact you’ve been stealing from Apple”s R&D since 2007.”

Another user tweeted, “But drain the battery. No Samsung Galaxy Note 21, bye-bye Samsung WELCOME iPhone 12 Pro Max”. One of the users also tweeted, “Yea but Apple just does it better even though they take forever to make it a reality.” So, this is how Apple users came in defense of their iPhones.

This stunt of Oneplus and that of Samsung is a publicity stunt but turned out to be an impressive and successful one that helped them in accomplishing their motives to promote their new smartphones respectively. This rivalry between iOS users and Android users has become more intense. Because of these tweets, many people took to Twitter and started to tweet.

Oneplus has made use of its innovative ideas to use the situation to its benefit. With its affordable price as compared to the high price of iOS, people usually prefer Oneplus in India. This helped Oneplus a lot in becoming so popular in India.


The Twitter War

This is not something new but it has happened earlier as well. However, earlier Samsung and Huawei were trolling the Apple iPhones. Oneplus had joined this gang in the past too. In a tweet announcing its ranking, Oneplus wrote “iDare you”. The format in which it was written directly attacks iPhone. Moreover, people also said that the way of writing is similar to Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Moreover, Oneplus asked people to stand out differently in this “Apple world” by having a Oneplus smartphone. And, Huawei didn’t leave the chance to promote its Mi 10T Pro Smartphone. Huawei tweeted, ” But why to settle for less when you can have more. New year. 108 MP Resolution.” Furthermore, Huawei used the hashtag Settle for Better in contrast to the tagline of Oneplus that is “Never Settle”.


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