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Sharlene Rampersad: Nicki Minaj Exposes The Reporter on Twitter

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Nicki Minaj exposes Sharlene Rampersad

Nicki Minaj reportedly released a collection of screenshots revealing a journalist named Sharlene Rampersad. It is for texting her cousin in Trinidad to inquire well about the controversial narrative. Aout him and his companion that the artist had revealed.

The pictures of Nicki’s cousin in Trinidad conversing with the individual who introduces herself as Sharlene have indeed been removed. But viewers, on the other hand, have succeeded to get screenshots of the incident. And they are already sharing them online.

Who is Sharlene Rampersad?

Sharlene is a journalist for Guardian Media Ltd, as per Trinidad & Tobago Times. According to the source, the corporation acknowledged that she was following up on the news about Nicki Minaj’s cousin.

Sharlene had reacted angrily to Nicki’s post. She was not wishing to receive the vaccination just to join the Met Gala together in a succession of tweets.

“What @NICKIMINAJ doesn’t yet understand. Therefore does not bother about is Trinidad and Tobago is still under the State of Calamity. She said during her tweets. Sectors of the economy in May are down and have been here for months. Immunization is the only way out for us.”

“If you use your worldwide influence to propagate falsehoods, you damage us,” a further tweet said. We’re not some imaginary paradise that you can conjure up when you’re restless. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 1,391 individuals in this country. “Please leave us alone already.”

Sharlene probably began a new Twitter handle after Nicki pulled her out. Since her new page seems to have no following and therefore only just a few tweets. They are all linked to the rap star’s conflict.

How Niki Minaj exposed Sharlene Rampersad?

Nicki provided screenshots of Sharlene’s texts, which looked to be a one-sided discussion.
In the texts, the reporter tries to track down Nicki’s cousin. In order to learn more about him as well as his buddy. As per the rapper, had unusual negative impacts after receiving the COVID-19


“I understand you are afraid to communicate with all of us,” the text continues. But only to let you realize, CNN is searching the nation for you. Once they discover you, they won’t dare to expose your location. Your girlfriend’s location, or anybody else who is in connection to you. We won’t reveal such facts if you talk to me.”

“In Trinidad tormenting my family,” Nicki writes in the next story. I didn’t want to mention anything, but I’ll say this now.”


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