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Animal Rights Activist “Sasha Zemmel” Dressed as Ref jersey disrupts Timberwolves playoff game

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Sasha Zemmel

Players scrambled for a loose ball as security officers tackled the protestor. Until the refs blew the whistle and Sasha Zemmel was hauled off the field. The playoff game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Memphis Grizzlies. At Minnesota’s Target Center on Saturday night. April 23, was disrupted by an animal rights activist Sasha Zemmel donning an NBA referee jersey.

What is Sasha Zemmel’s background?

Sasha Zemmel, the third protester to be ejected from the court in ten days, was sitting in the second row courtside behind Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor when she went onto the court with 10:44 left in the third quarter while players wrestled for a rebound, according to game footage. As players raced for a loose ball, security officers tackled Zemmel until the officials blew the whistle and the activist was hauled off the court. The animal rights organisation Direct Action Everywhere named the St. Louis resident in a press statement (DxE).


How did Sasha Zemmel behave?

Sasha Zemmel wore a handmade referee jersey with the number 5.3 painted on the back “in remembrance of the 5.3 million hens killed,” according to the release “during a bird flu epidemic at Rembrandt Enterprises, an eggplant that Taylor is said to own. As she was tackled by court personnel, the protestor donned a maroon jacket over her grey jersey. DxE shared her story about how she “As she approached Taylor at his courtside position, she attempted to whistle to stop play in order to issue a ‘technical foul and expulsion,’ as well as a ‘fine,’ against Forbes’ richest billionaire in Minnesota.”

It’s worth mentioning that Sasha Zemmel is the organization’s third protester at a Timberwolves game. During Game 1 of the playoff series on April 16, an animal rights activist handcuffed herself to the hoop stanchion, wearing a t-shirt that said, “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive.” After flinging flyers on the floor during a play stoppage in the second quarter, the protester attempted to lock herself to the hoop. Zoe Rosenburg was later identified by DxE.


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