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What Happens After A Crash In F1? How are the driver and car checked over?

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F1 Crash

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F1 is full with crashes, but what happens after one? How are the driver and vehicle examined?

You’re a Formula One driver who was recently wrecked during qualifying. After a small error results in a journey across the kitty litter and into the barrier, you’ll start the race in P10.

You’re far from the pits, and your car is ruined.

What Happens in F1 after a Crash?

First and foremost, following an F1 incident, the team will inquire as to if the driver is okay or hurt.

The driver will climb out of the car – or what’s left of it – if they are able, and will be approached by marshals or the FIA doctor.


If an accident registers more than 15g, the victim will be sent to the medical center for a normal examination.

The motorist is sometimes sent straight to the hospital for an x-ray or treatment.

For example, after a 51g shunt at Silverstone in 2021, Max Verstappen was brought to the hospital. While Romain Grosjean was airlifted to the hospital after a fiery crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix.

If the driver is hurt in a low-speed collision, they will just wait for a ride back to the pits.

They can then tell the team what happened in the accident and how badly the car was damaged.

F1 Crash
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Where does that leave the car?

If the car cannot be driven back by the driver, marshals will put it behind a barrier. It will remain until the end of the session.


If there is a major collision and the session is red-flagged, a crane or tractor will be brought onto the track to assist in the removal of the car and debris.

After that, it will be loaded onto a low-loader and sent back to the pits.

This can take a long time, limiting a team’s capacity to repair the damage and return the car to the track for the next session-or begin accumulating replacement parts.


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