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Jake Paul Returning to Boxing, reveals 2022 fight date on Twitter

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jake paul boxing

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Jake Paul has officially announced that he will return to boxing in 2022, with a fight date already booked. Jake Paul teased his return to the ring after the Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano bout on Saturday, April 30, for which he was a co-promoter. Since his rematch with Tyron Woodley on December 18, 2021, Jake Paul hasn’t fought. The social media sensation-turned-boxer, on the other hand, has stated that he will be back in action on May 1.

Jake Paul has set a fight date for 2022

Jake Paul announced his return to the ring on August 13, 2022, via a tweet on May 1 that read, “I’m back,” along with the date. There’s not much to look forward to after August 13 arrives, except for a promise to return and a certain date. Based on the low PPV return Jake Paul vs. Woodley II brought in, a third rematch with Woodley, or a reunion with any of his past opponents, is unlikely. So, now that we know when the battle will take place, one of the most pressing questions is who will Jake Paul face?


On August 13, Jake Paul will face who?

Jake Paul makes no mention of who he’ll be fighting in his tweet, but that information should be revealed in the months and weeks preceding up to the battle. Although we don’t know who Jake will face, there has been some criticism that he has yet to battle a “genuine” boxer in any of his fights. Will this be different for the August 13 match? For the time being, all we can do is wait and see.

jake paul boxing

Jake Paul retaliated against Conor McGregor after the former UFC champion referred to him as a “jackass” after comparing their accomplishments over the past two years, including fight victories. Jake Paul and Conor McGregor have traded barbs yet again. They’ve been at it for years, but Jake has been the driving force behind it. This time, however, it was the UFC star himself who initiated it.


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