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Lego Starry Night: Release date, price, and everything You Need To Know

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Lego Starry Night

If you are a Lego fan and you want something different this time with those sets then yes we have the Lego sets with The Starry Night painting’s touch to it. If you are well acquainted with The Starry Night painting by Vincent Van Gogh then you must be aware of how famous the painting is. Well, this time this painting is coming in connection with the Lego sets. So, what’s going to be special about this Lego Starry Night set?

Read ahead to know more about Lego Starry Night set along with its other details.

Release Date of Lego Starry Night set

Lego sets so far have made their own craze in the market. In fact irrespective of age, people are loving these sets. However, lately, the idea of creating the magic of Lego Starry Night is just grabbing everyone’s attention. Well, while this idea is looking really great. Lego fans want to hold this set as soon as possible.


Fortunately, this Lego Starry Night set isn’t far from releasing this year. To be specific with its release, then the interested Lego fans can hold this set on June 1st this year. However, if you want a date a little earlier to that then, you can have it for the members of Lego VIP Club and MOMA on 25th May.

The idea behind Lego Starry Night set

While this Lego Starry Night set seems to be a really unique idea. The idea of creating such a masterpiece comes from none other but a fan of Lego from Hong Kong. Truman Cheng submitted his idea of a Starry Night-themed Lego set. Which got thousands and thousands of votes over it.

Ultimately, then the Lego brand picked up the idea of creating this Lego Starry Night set. Meanwhile, this idea looks amazing after getting ready. We have more information on the same. To be precise you can now know how much you can buy the sets.


Netizens’ reaction and the price of the Lego Starry Night set

While the images of the Lego Starry Night set are out on the Internet. We have the netizens reacting to it saying that they want this set at any cost.

Many of them in fact found this Lego set to be amazingly unique and wants it to have in their collection. Meanwhile, if you too are looking forward to buy this set. Then you must know about the price of it as it costs around £149.99 or $169.99.


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