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How to buy Taco Bell Mexican Pizza before everyone else?

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Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

The much loved and everyone’s favorite Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is back for all. While everyone has been literally crazy about this dish by Taco Bell. It has been missing from the menu for a long. Finally, however, the wait is over and you can have the menu to give a place to its much loved Mexican Pizza. But how can you grab one for yourself?

Read ahead to know more about Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza back for all along with its other details.

Taco Bell cut the Mexican Pizza off its menu

While Mexican Pizza was everyone’s one of favorite. We had the dish removed from the menu of Taco Bell back in late of 2020. The removal of the dish though happened to make the menu a little better in terms of its variety and fast service.


However, it didn’t go well with many of them as they just wanted the Mexican Pizza back on the menu. While after its removal it trended a lot on social media. A 200k signatures petition was thus out to bring back the Pizza. Ultimately, now we have a response on the same.

Taco Bell brings back Mexican Pizza on its menu

What makes the Mexican Pizza really popular is the two tortilla sheets with beef and pizza sauce spread on it. Along with bean, tomatoes and the three cheese blends on it. As everyone finds the dish savoury. We have the Taco Bell announcing on social media that the Mexican Pizza is back in the menu for all.

While we are expecting the menu to show the comeback of the Mexican Pizza with effect from 19th May. You must be willing to know how and where you can have it. So, here we are to tell you how you can grab your slice of the Pizza soon.


How to grab the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?

While we have this Mexican Pizza even loved by Doja Cat and Dolly Parton. We are here telling you how you can have your slice of Mexican Pizza to savour. In fact, to begin with, if you have the Taco Bell app.

The loyalty members thus can get the Pizza from May 17th. Additionally, if you’ve managed to get the Super Bowl LVI mystery reward. Then you can be lucky to win a Mexican Pizza through it on May 19th.


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