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Jury Declares Kyle Rittenhouse ‘NOT GUILTY’ on all charges

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kyle rittenhouse not guilty

Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot 2 persons and injured one in the protest for racial injustice that happened in August 2020 was charged with five allegations. After three weeks of the murder trial, the jury reached a verdict. It took three and a half days of deliberation for the verdict that stated Kyle to be not guilty on all charges. This created a lot of chaos. Read more to know more!

Kyle Rittenhouse Pleaded Not Guilty

On Friday afternoon, the jury passed a verdict and found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty for all the charges due to the 2020 shooting of protestors in Kenosha. To this Kyle reacted emotionally as fell to the ground and briefly started crying and hugged his attorney. The accident took place when Kyle was 17-year-old in 2020. He was holding semi-automatic AR-15 during the riots and protests at Kenosha because of the injustice done by white policemen. He shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injured Gaige Grosskreutz.


There were five charges on Kyle Rittenhouse that included intentional homicide and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon. To this in a trial, Rittenhouse said that he was carrying a first aid kit as well and he intended to protect people from looting and riots. He shot the protestors in self-defense as they were trying to attack and kill him with his own rifle. Some videos and clips were handed over from both sides before and after the shooting.

kyle rittenhouse not guilty

The other side says that the defendant is a fraud. As none of the owners of local businesses asked Rittenhouse or anyone to guard the property on the night of the shooting. Thomas Binger, the opposition said that Rittenhouse was not a trained EMT. And instead of giving first aid to the victims, he tried to run, why did he do it if he claims to be a medic. He also pointed that Rittenhouse broke down and was emotional for himself and for the loss of people or his mistake.

Reactions To The Verdict

Twitter showed hate as well as a favor for the Rittenhouse. Some called him a white supremacist domestic terrorist and some called him a hero. Who exercised his right to protect himself against violent protestors. The social media profile of Kyle Rittenhouse shows that he aspires to be a police officer.

The reactions after and before the trial were politicized. The Wisconsin Government deployed 500 National Guard Troops to Kenosha to avoid riots. In a statement, Tony Evers urges the citizens to respect the community and to assemble and exercise safely and peacefully. Judge Schroeder noticed intense scrutiny by the public in his courtroom and complained about excessive media coverage of the trials.


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