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Britannia Season 3 Ending: Full In-Depth Explanation; Details You Missed

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Britannia Season 3 Explained

Since its debut in 2018, Sky’s Britannia has been a must-see for aficionados of historical drama with a touch of magic.

Britannia will return for a third season in 2021. Because a revolt against the Romans is possible, the new season leans more toward magic and fantasy. The season three conclusion of Britannia left a lot of questions unsolved for fans.

Britannia Season 3: Release Date and Plot

As Aulus’ relationship with the Roman conquerors in the Celtic tribes deteriorates, his attractive wife, Hemple, arrives on the scene. Cait learns from Aulus that if she finds the mystical Spear of the Silver Dawn, the Britannic Tribes may unite. The spear that penetrated Jesus’ neck during the crucifixion is the same one. Only Lucius knows where this dangerous weapon is hidden, but that’s a problem. Cait realizes that she is being followed by a traitor.

Britannia Season 3 Ending Explained

Britannia Season 3: Ending Explained

In episode 8, Cait is accompanied by Ania, who is under Hemple’s curse, in her search for Lucius and his knowledge of the spear. Phelan, Rayne, and Divis are arrested by a druid gang for trespassing in their realm. They want evidence of their druidic status. Cait is being yanked away from Divis by Aulus. When Cait fights back against the demon Lokka, Hemple’s spell on Ania is broken, but it isn’t Ania who gives up Cait. In a vision, Cait sees herself and hears Veran and Islene tell her that the legions are on her side. This might be the beginning of her efforts to unite the Celtic tribes. In Season 3, Cait, led by Queen Antedia’s troops, returns to the Roman camp in search of Lucius and his spear skill.

Britannia Season 3 Ending Explained

We can’t hear what Lucius says even after Cait succeeds and Lucius whispers what he knows into her ear. Cait’s excellent timing is demonstrated when Hemple comes seconds later, kills Lucius and wounds Cait. Cait is quickly rescued by Divis and the others, and she has hurried away from the camp. But that was just for a brief period. Hemple had an impact on Divis after Ania placed some of the mystical red string around his toe in an earlier episode, and we now know who the predicted traitor is: Divis himself. The vision Divis had earlier of Aulus kidnapping Cait was due to him because he was the one who gave her over.


Britannia Season 3: Cast

Kelly Reilly

David Morrissey

Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Zoë Wanamaker

Stanley Weber


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