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Is Rapper Playboi Carti Dead? Viral News Disproved!

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Playboi Carti

In the world of social media, it is tough to recognize what news is authentic and what is a hoax. Here comes another hoax news of a celebrity that made fans go crazy on social media. Previously stars like MrBeast, Rowan Atkinson was part of this hoax news earlier. But let us tell you the truth, rapper Playboi Carti is not dead! Let us find out how the hoax went viral!

How Did The Fake News Start?

It becomes difficult for fans to believe everything that comes on social media as most of them are proving hoaxes. Recently, another fake news started and resulted in rumors about the death of a celebrity by a news outlet. Carti’s hoax is the news we are about to tell you. Some fans and netizens came across fake news that stated Playboi Carti was found dead in a hotel on November 23. This headline along with a picture of the Billboard chart-topper shocked his fans.

Playboi Carti

The headline by the news outlet also stated that an Atlanta-based music artist was found unresponsive in the hotel where he was staying on Monday evening. The real name of the rapper is Jordan Terrell Carter and known for his experimental taste in music styles. The news outlet also mentioned that paramedics have confirmed the death of rapper Playboi Carti. The post mentioned and gave credit for the coverage to NSF News. After acknowledging this, fans started to find out whether the rapper is fine or not without cross-checking the authentication of the post.

The Reality Behind Hoax

If you have not ever come across this news outlet that generated a hoax headline then let us tell you about it. NFL News is a satirical website that creates every post for the sake of gag only. This means any news coming from NFL News is a piece of fake news. But this hoax captured over 28,000 shares and many views. It is still not clear about the narrator of this post.


About Playboi Cart

Playboi Carti, 25-year-old, is an American rapper who is famous for his experiments in music, gothic fashion, and his personality. His works have often ranked in Billboard chart. As of now, the Carti is on his King Vamp Tour. The week before, on November 13 the rapper performed at Portland. He asked Rico Nasty to join the stage. The event took an unwanted turn when an anonymous person threw the bottle at Rico. This makes it clear that unfortunately, the crowd did not like his appearance on the stage. But, Playboi Carti still managed to entertain the crowd.


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