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Who is Tommy Williams? How He Stopped Sister Wendy Williams’ Bad Health Rumors

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Tommy Williams

A talk show where Wendy Williams was the host, but she was absent which was suspicious for the viewers. Her brother Tommy Williams denied the rumors about her bad health condition.

Wendy Williams is a TV host who was once busy with all of his presenting duties but now she is more into focusing on her health. Rumors are Spreading all over the town about the issue with her health condition. But Wendy’s brother, Tommy, has put a full stop to this rumor by putting a statement and speculation.

Who is Tommy Williams?

The name of Wendy Williams’ brother is Tommy Williams who is a trainer, Vlogger, and influencer on social media by profession. He is more than two creating YouTube videos for his subscribers.

Currently, he has 15,000 subscribers in his YouTube channel which consists of vlogs and live streaming videos that are uploaded on a regular basis.

Tommy Williams

Both Williams siblings, Tommy and Wendy Williams, Had been involved in an argument on social media earlier this year. All this happened after he showed concern to the presenter for not going to their mother’s funeral.

During Wendy Williams’s show, in an episode on 17th January 2021, She was talking about family drama and said, “Have you seen this nonsense that my brother put on the Internet?”
Wendy Williams has a sister as well whose name is Wanda Williams.

Tommy Williams Stops Dementia Rumors

A rumor was spreading about Wendy Williams that she is suffering from dementia disease that is why she is unable to attend her talk shows. Her brother Tommy Williams has taken a stand for her and denied the rumor and said that it is not true.

As per sources, Tommy said that “We have not received any warnings of this kind and I have not seen or had any conversations with her hand that would make me believe it. We go up regularly and check on Wendy, even though we are all here in Florida. I try to make it right there and my dad talks to Wendy often. So no, we do not have to worry about her mental state. It is all physically.”

Tommy Williams

Later He added to a statement that, “I am trying to find out if she is coming for Thanksgiving. I mean she is normally like that.”

When will Wendy Williams return to her show?

Wendy Williams is recovering from her health complications and it is not yet clarified by the presenter that when she will return to a show.

Currently, guest hosts have been replaced for the new season of the talk show.


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