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What Happened To Wendy Moten on The Voice 2021? Fans React on Twitter

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Wendy Moten

The most popular singing competitive show The Voice 2021, shocked the viewers on Tuesday, 23 November. As one of the contestants, Wendy Moten tripled down the stage during the live performance. Wendy was performing with her coach Blake Shelton and her teammates and she tumbled over a speaker. This sudden incident scared everyone including judges and audiences present. The anchor of the show Carson Daly explained to the viewers what happened on the stage suddenly as all cameras focused on her when the contestant fell. 

What Happened On The Voice 2021?

Wendy Moten, 57-year-old, who is in the team of Blake Shelton fell accidentally during her performance on the stage at The Voice 2021. The American singer is best known, for her single, Come In Out Of The Rain. This single was a hit and ranked number 8 in the UK. The singer was helped by the host, teammates, and coach off-stage. The anchor of the show informed all when the camera was on that Wendy Moten, who is walking off unfortunately and we hope she is okay.


The show took a commercial break immediately to ease the situation. Soon when they returned Wendy was seen next to Carson.

Wendy Moten

How is Wendy Moten Now?

Wendy Moten, the team member of Blake Shelton completed her performance of the album I Can’t Help Myself. When she tumbled from the stage, the trio of Blake Shelton, Lana Scott, and Paris Winningham walked off stage after helping her. After the commercial, Wendy assured her fans that she is ok by saying I am okay but a little bruised. But she continued by saying that she is ready for her performance.

Wendy Moten

Wendy, Lana, and Paris made it to the top 10 in the show. The coach, Blake informed me on social media that she hurt her elbow a bit but she will be fine. During the audition of Wendy, she made all the four judges turn. She got into Blakes’s team the Grammy award winner is a big fan of her singing and constantly says she is the most deserving contestant. She sang WEE CAN WORK IT OUT during the auditions. Her singing skills resulted in the elimination of Manny Keith and Jonathan Mouton.

“I’m okay!” she said. “I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I’m still ready to go!”

Source: PEOPLE

Fans Reacted on Twitter

The viewers and fans got worried about Wendy and the show THE VOICE. They reacted and showed concerns over social media. One tweeted in disbelief that Did Wendy Moten fall on the stage? Others showed concern by saying that hope she is ok and looked awful. Here are some tweets by the fans:


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