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Is Travis Scott Banned and Leaving The USA? Viral Video Disproved!

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The Astroworld event took an unwanted turn when Ten people passed away, and many were injured; because of the mad rush by the crowd. Since then, Travis Scott has been away from the paparazzi. And this leads to fans wondering whether Travis Scott got banned and left the USA? For the loss that occurred, Scott posted a video in which; he apologises for the upheaval and held himself accountable. Did you know that Kylie Jenner was also present at the event but kept silent? Let us find out more now!

Is Travis Scott Banned and Leaving The USA?

If fans are thinking about this, then it is a No. Neither Travis Scott get banned nor, he is leaving the USA. The rumor became strong when a video went viral where Travis is heading for the airport and the media is chasing him. The video states that Travis Scott leaves; the USA after being banned and follows that it’s; shocking footage. In the video, it is also audible that reporters are trying to stop him as he heads forward. Because of this act, people believed the video was authentic. Let us tell you the reality!


Viral Video of Travis Leaving USA Disproved!

The Viral video that is making rumors stronger actually; is of the year 2016 that features Travis. This video was captured; by X17onlineVideo. The truth came out as reporters are heard asking the Astroworld Festival founder, Scott that who will he give his vote to? The reports ask about his vote will go to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? To this, the rapper responds by saying his vote will go to Kanye West, who is now known as Ye. During this year, the rapper released his song Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.

Travis Scott Apologises In The Video

The Astroworld Festival 2021 went as a horrible experience for many as many losses were reported. Netizens started to criticize the event and its founder and asked for compensation. After acknowledging t he urgency and fragility of the situation, he posts an apology video on Instagram. While capturing he says, that his prayers are with those who left us that night, and he is working on contacting families so that he can provide every kind of help through a tough time. He also added that his fans mean the world to him, and he just wanted to leave a positive experience for the fans.


Additionally, he stated that if he knew about the incidents that were going on, he would have stopped the event and provided the help they needed. He could not imagine the severity of the situation, Scott said. The record producer said that he is working with the police officials for the investigation. On this viral video and rumor, Scott did not respond to anything yet.


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