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Hannah Gutierrez Reed, ‘Rust’ Armorer Previously Caused Nicolas Cage to Walk Off

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Hannah Gutierrez Reed and Nicolas Cage

The 24-year-old crew member, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the head armorer when Alec Baldwin shoot Halyna Hutchins dead at ‘Rust‘ movie set. Recently many things revealed about her. Previously in a film, where Hannah Gutierrez Reed was in charge, an incident caused furious Nicolas Cage to wake off from the set for firing a gun without warning.

Further Updates of the incident

Recently many news outlets revealed that in August, Hannah Gutierrez Reed was in charge of the guns. It was at that time when Alec Baldwin shot cinematographer, Halyna dead. Last Thursday, it was revealed that crew members repeatedly warned and accused of breaking safety protocols on Montana’s set of Nicolas Cage’s “The Old Way.”

The movie’s key grip, Stu Brumbaugh, told the media that Nicolas Cage walked off from the shoot because Reed fired gun three times without warning. He even yelled at her and said, “Make an announcement. You just blew my f—-king eardrums.” Stu recalled and added,” Nicolas Cage even told him to let her go.”

Nicolas Cage (The Old Way)

He added further,” After the second round, I was pissed off. We were moving too fast. Hannah is a rookie.” Stu, after some time, realized it was the critical crew member’s first movie. According to the recent interview he said,” There were several times when Hannah put us in various dangerous and unnecessary situations.”

Brumbaugh also added, “There were several times that various crew members complained about Hannah. During filming The Old Way, she used to carry guns without warning. The guns were loaded with real bullets and carried rifles in each hand. She also fired guns several times before without warnings.”

Stu revealed and told the media, “She used rifle for the first time to check if horses will be shocked. She fired without warnings.”

The Old Way Nicolas Cage

Reactions of Hannah Gutierrez Reed

Hannah was the head armorer of the film The Old way, produced just before the movie “Rust.” Hannah interviewed on one of the podcasts. She said, “It was my first time as a head armorer. You know I was nervous at that time. I even rejected this job at first, but this job suited me. I was not sure about my job and the way it would work. But everything went really well.”

Hannah Gutierrez Reed

She even added, “The best part of my job was to show to the people who are normally freaked off by the guns.” She further added,” The guns are safe to take to the sets and live with that unless it goes to the wrong hand.”

What was the reaction of other members after revelations?

Stu told in the interviews about various safety discrepancies. However, the producer of The Old Way said in other interviews.” I do not recall such events on the set. I even asked others.”

He further added,” There were never such problems on our set. Safety was our priority.”


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